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St. Louis Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Removal For St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties

Until recently most people thought that bed bugs were just and old wives tale, and until recently they practically were.

Bed bugs once eliminated in the United States, have continued to thrive in other parts of the world. With increased travel bed bugs have been able to move from other parts of the world into our country.

Most infestations are in large cities especially those that are hubs for travel like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but smaller cities are now plagued by bed bugs almost as much as these larger cities.

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The other factor that has helped bed bugs to gain a foothold in this country is the change in application methods of pesticides. Baseboard spraying that was once prevalent helped to prevent bed bugs from moving into hotels and homes. Newer methods such as insect specific baits and crack and crevice treatments which are good for the environment and are effective against most pests are not as effective against bed bugs.

Our treatment methods use the latest materials and application methods designed to treat bed bugs where they live and hide. We focus on all the areas bed bugs frequent such as bed frames, head boards, nightstands and other furniture near the bed.

See our “What To Expect” section for a more detailed description of preparations needed and what we do to eradicate your home of these most disgusting pests.

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