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Pest Prevention equals Brand Protection: The Best Business Decision

commercial-servicesRestaurants, office buildings, hospitals, schools, retail shops and supermarkets all have one thing in common: a need for pest control. Rats, mice, birds, insects – they can affect your bottom line by bringing in disease, threatening health and safety, contaminating food, damaging your building, disrupting business and turning customers away. Blue Chip offers customized pest control programs designed with your unique business in mind. We use integrated pest management principles to prevent pest problems in and around your business while minimizing the impact to you, your employees and your customers. Our commercial pest control services feature:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Quick response times to problems or questions
  • After hours / weekend response team
  • Regular quality control audits
  • Certified Commercial Technician Specialists
  • Clear communication
  • Trained office staff, not an answering service
  • Elimination and prevention of all pests, including termites, birds and animals
  • Pest prevention with structural improvements
  • Online station tracking, bill payment, service requests and account access

Why Blue Chip: Commercial

What Makes Blue Chip Pest Control Different

  • We were the first company in Missouri certified as Quality Pro by the National Pest Management Association. This means all of our technicians pass a background check and drug screening, and they are held to the highest training and safety standards in the industry.
  • Every Blue Chip employee, including our office staff, passes a college-level course on pest control from Purdue University.
  • All of our technicians are certified by the state of Missouri, not just licensed. Licensing requires only 40 hours of training; certification requires six months of experience and passing three written exams from the Department of Agriculture.
  • We have regular training sessions with national speakers and industry experts so that we can stay at the leading edge of our industry.
  • We use the latest technology, including hand-held computers, and barcoding of accounts to ensure consistent levels of service and accountability.
  • We have a certified entomologist on staff. This means that no matter the pest, we can identify it as well as determine the best solution for getting rid of it.
  • We have staff certified in Food Safety and fluent in standards from all major agencies such as AIB, USDA, FDA, and SQF.
  • We perform quality control audits for each of our commercial customers each year to make sure that our services are up to standards, and you are happy.
  • We offer advanced courses to technicians on Integrated Pest management & AIB Consolidated Standards/Food Safety.
  • All of our technicians are in marked vehicles and wear uniforms for your protection. There’s no question about who is at your business.

Industries Served

  • Inspected Food Production Facilities
  • Airports
  • Farms
  • Athletic Venues
  • Banks Churches
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Nursing Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Property Management Firms Country Clubs
  • FDA Inspected Facilities
  • Governments and Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Medical Offices
  • Utilities
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and Daycares
  • Warehouses

Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control Services For Your Home or Business

pesp_logoWe have always stayed ahead of the curve with new methods, procedures and technologies. Our approach to pest control has focused on an integrated approach since the 1970’s and since that time we have always looked for ways to eliminate pests in the safest & most effective way possible. That has lead us to offering a Green Pest Service, that will be better for you, the environment, and still keep unwanted pests out of your home.

This service will focus on using an integrated approach to pest control. Through the use of baits, EPA “Reduced Risk” pesticides, as well as customer cooperation we can still achieve the highest level of pest prevention possible, with reduced risk to you and the environment.

We have service programs for both homes and businesses.

Our residential service program
Our residential service program is designed around a core principle of keeping pests out in the first place. We do not place materials inside the home unless there is a serious problem that requires it. Our service, which primarily focuses around the outside of the home, will utilize the best material for the job while making sure that its impact is only felt by the pest we are trying to control and no one else.

On each visit to the home you can expect the following:

  • We’ll check in with you to see if you have experienced any problems / sightings since the last service visit.
  • We’ll make a thorough inspection of your home looking for pest harborages or entry points.
  • We’ll make a prescriptive treatment of these areas with the best material to control the pest that has the lowest impact to you or the environment.
  • We’ll inform you of conducive conditions around the home so that you can help prevent problems by addressing these critical areas.
  • We’ll give you a written report showing you all of the areas of concern needing to be addressed.
  • You’ll be left with peace of mind that your home is protected against pests from entering.

Our Commercial Green Pest Services:
Commercial properties have been at the fore front of the Green Pest Control movement. We have been there as well since day one developing low impact programs, and strategies to keep pests out and customers and employees happy and healthy.

With our involvement in the US Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Agency Pest Wise program, we have developed a service program that meets their guidelines as well as still being effective at preventing pests from entering or damaging your property.

Features of our service program:

  • We will make an inspection of the property to start every service. We are looking not only for pest problems, but also for potential harborage areas, entry points, or other concerns that may create a future pest problem.
  • We will meet with you each visit to discuss our findings and come up with an action plan of things that both we and you can accomplish to prevent pests and correct problems.
  • Upon finding a pest problem, we will make the least impactful application or treatment to eliminate the problem pest. This may include physical removal with a vacuum, treatment with target specific baits, or in more extreme cases a pesticide application in the most direct and precise location.
  • After each service we will provide you with a record of not only what was done, but also an Integrated Pest Management report detailing our findings of any sanitation problems, pest entry points in need of repair, or conducive conditions that exist which may lead to a pest problem.
  • You’ll be left with peace of mind that your business and reputation is protected against pests and that you have done what is best not only for you, but the environment.


Our Blue Chip technician is just like one of our employees. He takes his relationship with us just as seriously as he does his pest control duties. We always know what’s going on and when something is going to happen.
Todd H., restaurant manager

Our facility is beautiful with tons of trees. When the birds took over, no one wanted to walk outside any more. Before we knew it, we had a real problem – damage to the buildings, even damage to employee and customer cars. We called Blue Chip. They came right away and knew exactly what to do, quickly and professionally.
Wendell H., director of engineering

Blue Chip has been our pest control company since the facility opened in 2005. My predecessor was the one who chose to go with Blue Chip and I will have to agree with his choice. We have had some issues in the past here and Blue Chip has stepped up to fix them at no additional charge to us. Since Jeff Bentzinger has taken over the account and once the issue was taken care of, we have not had any pests in this building to speak of. Of course we have had the run of millipedes during dry weather or gnats from our indoor plants, but Jeff has always quickly taken care of any problem. Jeff’s attitude is great as well. He always checks with me upon arrival if I am here and also checks in with the chef in the kitchen and with the General Manager. This courtesy and attentiveness goes a long way, especially to a business that revolves around service to its customers. I have had many pest control companies come to me looking to get our business and I repeatedly refuse to take their bids. This is one contract that I do not have a problem renewing as long as Jeff is servicing the account and our building is an inhospitable place for pests to reside.
Neil S. – St. Charles, MO

Throughout many years of owning my own company, we have contracted with various and well known companies, but since our relationship with Blue Chip we are very pleased. I must tell you my tech is outstanding. He is attentive and informative. Every time we have had concerns he has immediately eliminated the problem in a concerned and efficient manner. He just does not only seek what is superficial but checks into corners, and unused areas. I would recommend him highly. I know how important it is to have someone that really cares. He does!
Susie – St. Charles

Jeff B. is awesome. I think he was born to be a bug man. We have a large campus with 140+ students, faculty and staff. Everyone is very comfortable around him and recognize him since he has been our tech for some time. Jeff is very thorough and goes over everything he has completed inside and out. He will also recommend additional items or services if he finds them to be necessary.
Aaron G. – School Administrator

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