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Fleas and Ticks

Flea and Tick Removal for St. Louis

465056775Insects that suck your blood are probably one of the most despised and feared of all pests that we take care of for homeowners. Fleas and ticks present special challenges in treatment due to the fact that not only must the home be rid of them, but exterior treatments are needed to prevent re-infestation.

For fleas, we treat areas throughout the house that may harbor these pests or their eggs. Areas such as basements, and carpeted areas that pets may have access to are most commonly areas that require treatment. For the treatment we use a material which kills both the adults as well as a growth regulator to prevent the eggs from hatching. This two-step process works to break the flea life cycle and let you enjoy your home again sooner.

Outside the home a treatment of areas where pets again have access to is important to prevent them from picking up new fleas and bringing them into the home. We treat not only shaded grassy areas, but plants and bushes that they may come into contact with.

This is the same type of treatment outside that we perform for ticks. The difference being that for tick control we generally have to go deeper into wooded areas around the home to gain control. Ticks sometimes require regular treatments of these areas to provide control year round.   For this we recommend our exterior mosquito control program.  We treat monthly during summer and fall to control these pests before they attach themselves to you or your pets.

Don’t waste your time with foggers that simply make a mess inside your home and leave un-hatched eggs and pupa cases untouched, our treatments are effective on all life stages and will help rid your home of these pests faster.