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Students Have a “Bugging Good Time!” with Blue Chip’s Outreach Programs

Did you know that Blue Chip offers outreach programs that allow kids to play in the world of insects? Which apparently leads to a “bugging good time” as you can read below in one of the precious thank you notes we received last spring from some 1st graders at an elementary school in Ladue!

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Helping Hands

Blue Chip Pest Services loves our local community and remains dedicated to helping out whenever and wherever we can. We have had the pleasure of working with and/or supporting hundreds of different organizations, charities and not-for-profits in our community.

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Blue Chip’s Online Services

You’re already online all the time anyway, right? (I mean, hello! How else are you reading this blog?) Maximize your time and check out some of the online services we offer our customers on our website ….

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Ants: Lefties or Righties?

You’re on a road you’ve never been on before when you encounter a fork in the road. You have no particular place you’re going. Do you take a left…or a right? Well, if you are an ant, chances are really high that you’ll head off to the left.

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Blue Chip Gets Ready for a Rockin’ Night!

Did you swing through the 40’s? Rock and roll in the 50’s? Groove to the beat in the 60’s? Disco during the 70’s? Breakdance in the 80’s? Vogue your way through the 90’s? Or are you simply trying to figure out what the whip & nae nae is all about?

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Bug Jokes

Q: Why couldn’t the butterfly go to the dance?
A: Because it was a moth ball! 🙂

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