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Commercial Spotlight: Pest Control for Restaurant

Restaurant Pest Control
Restaurant owners can’t afford to lose business over a pest control problem. If you own a restaurant, at some point in time, you’ll need pest removal, and we recommend preventive care to keep your establishment in tip top shape.

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Homework with a side of cheese, anyone?

A new study of over 1,000 pet-owning children, between the ages of 5-16 years old, recently revealed that 79% of them believe that their pet had a positive effect on their homework. And rat owners do best of all! Yep, the study showed ….

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Last-Minute Mosquito Tips

Labor Day is over and today marks the first “unofficial” day of fall. (Especially “unofficial” since we’re due for a heat index of 105 degrees today!) Summer days are still upon us…and so are mosquitoes. Did you know that mosquito season in the St. Louis area lasts through the end of September?

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Just Spotted: Bug-Themed Snack

Looking for a cute after-school snack for your kids? Check out this adorable new bug-themed treat from Jell-o. It’s mud (chocolate pudding) covered with dirt (Oreo cookie crumbles). The best part is the cute little gummy bugs your kids can add to the mud and dirt! These little guys make the BEST edible bugs!

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Customer for Life

It’s always fun to talk to new people who call in to try out one of our services for the very first time…but even better when we get compliments like this right after their first service visit!

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Forgotten Rooms, Back to School Nemesis & Baseball

September is already here. Did you have a chance to read our August e-newsletter? It highlighted those often “forgotten rooms” when it comes to pest control, discussed every parent’s back-to-school nemesis: lice, and introduced our 2016 Baseball Buddy…among other things. Check it out here!

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