The 411 on Ground Beetles


Ground beetles have seen an increase in numbers as summer winds down and they’ve been finding their way into homes and businesses across the area. Although they are not harmful in any way, they are a great nuissance and can sometimes, to the untrained eye, be mistaken for roaches.

During the day, ground beetles hide in mulch, under leaves or near rocks. They tend to be most active at night. Since most nocturnal pests are attracted to lights, these beetles can also be found thriving near well-lit areas because they can feed on a variety of insects. Homes and businesses that remain lit up at night might be more prone for increased beetle activity.

Beetle populations can be reduced greatly with thorough exterior pest control applications by a Blue Chip technician. But, in most cases, having well fitted door sweeps and making sure all gaps and cracks are caulked closed is key in preventing entry. Habitat control is also a good practice when trying to eliminate beetles. The less nearby things they have to hide in or under during the day, the less likely they’ll be able to stick around and survive.

Think you’re seeing some ground beetles in or around your house? Or are they, in fact, roaches? Visit our Pest ID section on our website if you need help determining if you have beetles or roaches. Or let us know if you need help controlling either of these pests.