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A Tale of Two Chris’s

Miller and Emery. Chris and Chris. No matter what you call them, the teamwork that Virginia noticed in these two Blue Chip team members represents a consistent theme in our company. Whether we are scheduling service visits, brainstorming best strategies in trickier situations or meeting together for monthly training sessions, we believe we work better …

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It May Be Cold Outside But…

  I’ve got all the heart eyes for this right now! The crazy part? Spring will be here before we know it. The peak mosquito season in St. Louis starts in April and continues through September. We are already thinking about how mosquitoes will impact our area this spring and summer.   Don’t want mosquitoes …

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Don’t Break THIS Resolution!

  Hello 2018! As we kick off a new year, many people take time to reflect on the past 12 months and view the new year as fresh start. Did you make any resolutions this year? (Or have you…ahem…already broken any resolutions you made? Guilty as charged! Ha!) According to a recent study, some of …

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Let’s Play a Game: Fact OR Fiction

  Winter is officially here — and boy do we know it! First came the snow followed closely by days & days & days of below freezing temps. It may seem like pests and winter don’t really go together…or do they? Let’s have some fun learning about this with this “Fact or Fiction” game! FICTION! While …

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  Brrrr! Winter’s cold weather makes us all kind of want to hibernate. And the thought of turning on a hot oven during this deep freeze warms my heart! Perhaps I’ll try out some of those cookie recipes I got at a cookie exchange over the holidays. Or experiment my new bread machine from Santa. …

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Pest Control in the Winter in St. Louis

St. Louis winters are unpredictable. Snow one day might be followed by spring-like temperatures the next day. One constant thing to remember is that pests have become acclimated to our winters and when they are not out & about, they are waiting for their opportunity to invade homes, seeking shelter and food.   One climate …

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So You Think You Have Bedbugs? Here are 3 Ways You Can Know.

The last thing you want to think about as you climb into bed at the end of a long day is what may be lurking there. Most people have no idea there’s even a problem until the bed bug situation has turned into a full blown infestation. Bed bugs will spread if untreated.

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