Blue Chip: Always Thankful

Thanksgiving may be over but that doesn’t mean we have to stop eating leftover turkey or pumpkin pie. (#GiveMeALLLLLLThePumpkinPie) Nor does it mean we have to stop thinking about all the things that we are so incredibly thankful for during this past year. Here are a few things that some of our staff have to be thankful for:
Scott P. (Founder): I’m thankful for two great kids and their spouses, four awesome grandkids and my new knee!
Scott R. (Termite Manager): I learned last week that the older termite soldiers of a colony are assigned the riskiest jobs (like going to war against ants & other termite colonies) while the younger termite soldiers stick closer to the nest as a last line of defense. Doesn’t this just seem like cruel reward for a lifetime of service? As a 12 year employee, I’m thankful that Blue Chip doesn’t practice a termites’ hive-minded society!
Nate (Technician): I am thankful that my mom has survived another year with pancreatic cancer & for my daughter who continues to inspire and impress me with her work ethic in college.
Anthony (Technician): I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work at such an amazing company. I worked for 11 years at another pest control company and was not happy. It finally feels so good to feel excited to go to work everyday for such a well-run business. (Editor’s note: No bribery was involved when Anthony told us this!)
Brendan (Technician): I’m thankful for my beautiful new bride! (Editor’s note: Brendan wasn’t bribed either…or at least not by us! Ha!)
John (Technician): I am very thankful for my family, my church and the privilege to be an American.
Heather (Office Manager): I’m thankful that I could spend Thanksgiving surrounded by my family among the beautiful, snowy mountains of Colorado!
Eric (Technician): I’m thankful for all the bugs, insect and rodents that may drive everyone else crazy but help keep me employed!
Blue Chip: As a whole, not a day goes by that we aren’t so incredibly thankful for all our wonderful & loyal customers, our hardworking & dedicated staff and our reputation for professionalism — all of which have helped us grow to become one of the top pest control companies in the nation.

Before You Deck the Halls…

Christmas is a favorite time of the year for many people. Cozy traditions with family & friends. The smell of a freshly cut tree. Hot chocolate EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (And with zero guilt, of course, because…well, ’tis the season!) And decorating. Lots and lots of decorating. Whether you are decorating with freshly cut greenery or artificial decor, be sure to take some time to inspect your decorations before you start decking those halls.
Check your Christmas greenery.
Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when a squirrel leaps out of the Christmas tree, sending panic throughout the home? While comical, many people don’t realize that this is something that could actually happen in your very own home. Spiders and insects have been known to nest in live greens like wreaths, trees and garland. Before bringing any live greens indoors, be sure to look in and around the branches for any signs of pests and give all greenery a good shake to force any potential pests that are hiding to fall out.
Inspect holiday decor. 
If you’re anything like me, you’re already rummaging through boxes of lights, ornaments and other decorations. Most of these boxes have most likely been stored in attics, basement and garages — ideal habitats for pests! As you unpack the boxes, be on the lookout for any signs of potential pest infestations like gnawing marks or rodent droppings.
Keep firewood away from your home. 
There’s nothing like snuggling up by the fireplace after a busy day of shopping or wrapping presents. To minimize the potential of pests getting into your firewood, store it outside on a raised surface (like concrete blocks) in an area that doesn’t butt up to your home. Before bringing firewood indoors, briefly inspect each piece for any pests that may be using it to hitch a ride indoors.
Examine baking supplies. 
No doubt there’s a little baking in your holiday plans. Finding pantry pests in the flour or ants in the sugar is now the makings of any sweet treat. Keep all baking supplies stored in airtight containers. You might even consider adding a bay leaf to canisters with dry goods. The smell will often keep the bugs away while not affecting the supplies.
Taking a little time to add in these extra precautions should go a long way in helping to ensure that the only guests who enter your home this holiday season are invited guests!