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Do I Need to Worry About Termites in the Winter?

Meet Scott Romay. Well, technically, the picture above is a winged termite and not Scott but termites are definitely something that Scott in an expert in. (And who knows? This termite’s name might also be Scott Romay!) As our resident termite manager, Scott tells us that one question he’s always asked multiple times in the winter …

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Favorite Memory of 2018

As we reflect over some of our major accomplishments in 2018, one that stands out is being named one of the Top 100 Pest Control Companies in the United States. Considering there are over 20,000 pest control companies in the United States, this is a huge honor and achievement for everyone on Team Blue Chip. …

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Mission Accomplished

Not a day goes by that we don’t receive feedback and reviews from our customers. One of the way we collect feedback is through a brief email survey we send out to all our new customers after their first service visit. Part of this survey is multiple-choice; part of this survey is open-ended so our …

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Who Eats 15-20 Times a Day?

Was your New Year’s resolution to make healthier choices when you eat? To exercise more? To lose weight? If so, you’re not alone. Roughly 38% of people made one of these their #1 resolution going into 2019. One of the ways people plan to achieve a healthier way of eating is by breaking the “typical” …

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New Tick Established in the USA: Longhorned Tick

Meet the longhorned tick. This tick, also known as the Asian tick because it’s native to Central and East Asia, is now living in the United States. First found in New Jersey in November 2017, the longhorned tick has now been found in many more states including New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansa, Virginia, North Carolina and …

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Getting a Jump on Springtime Pests Starts this Winter

Yep, we do realize this is winter. And we’re not really even in the heart of winter yet. But it’s also the PERFECT time to start taking preventative measures against the springtime invasion of pests that really is only a few months away. Check out what our president, Jeff Phillips, had to say to KMOV …

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Person takes a walk by a house. Hears a toddler crying inside while a man is repeatedly screaming “WHY DON’T YOU DIE????” Calls the police who quickly jump into action & storm the house. Police report filed & reads “No injuries cited — except to the spider.”   Check out more details from this hilarious …

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Why Blue Chip?

We know there’s a lot of pest control companies in the St. Louis area. Why should you choose us? In our minds, that answer is simple — training. We believe that a great customer service experience begins and ends with a knowledgeable staff that can SOLVE problems. Our greatest asset is our well-trained, well-educated staff. Every …

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January Anniversaries

We are so grateful and thankful these three joined our team in January 1, 2 and 4 years ago! Happy Blue Chip anniversary, Melissa, Kim and Eric!      

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