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Training Fun

As we prepare for spring, weekly training sessions are in full force for both for our technicians & managers as well as our office staff. Current emphasis in these sessions has been placed on the latest in pest control techniques & trends, current issues our area is facing & how to tackle them, more intensive …

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Termite Awareness Week: Termite vs Flying Ant

Termites can look very similar to flying ants. Here are some easy ways to tell the difference. This is a termite: In this picture of a termite (above), it’s easy to see one of the distinct characteristics that make up a termite’s body structure: equal length wings. Somewhat hidden is the termite’s straight abdomen as …

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Celebrating 100 Years

It’s St. Patrick’s Day but we’ve got more that just the luck o’ the Irish on our side today…we’ve got it ALL. MONTH. LONG! We’re so incredibly lucky that our March hires are celebrating a combined 100 years on Team Blue Chip this month. Maybe you’ll be lucky as well and get see one of …

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Termite Awareness Week: Termite Trivia

Not all termites live underground like the ones we commonly see in the St. Louis area. Some termites, like the conehead termites commonly found in Florida, move around the ground just like ants. No matter what kind of diet plan you follow — low fat, Keto, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. — it’s a good idea to …

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Termite Awareness Week: What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites can be found in over 70 countries around the world. And they are showing up in MASSIVE numbers. As a matter of fact, they outnumber humans 10 to 1! There are few different types of termites; however, the termites we encounter most often in the St. Louis area are subterranean termites. As a prefix, …

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Termite Awareness Week: Preventing Termites

Also known as the “silent destroyers”, termites are known for chewing through wood at an alarming rate while managing to stay undetected for a very long time. They cause over $5 billion (yes, billion with a B!) in property damage each year — damage which is typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Clearly, as homeowners, …

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Termite Awareness Week (March 10-16, 2019)

One of the questions we’re asked most often when it comes to termites is “How can I tell if I have an infestation?” This is a great question since one of the things most people know about termites is that if you do have an infestation, it can lead to some pretty serious property damage …

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What Do We Have in Common?

Question: What do St. Baldrick’s Foundation, HavenHouse of St. Louis, Unleashing Potential St. Louis, the World Bird Sanctuary, Hearts for Homes St. Louis, the Center for Autism Education and the JDRF Greater MO & Southern IL Chapter all have in common? Answer: These are all amazing foundations and organizations in the St. Louis area that …

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