Calling All Mama Bears!

Where are all my Mama Bears?


No matter if your kids are precious newborns, teenagers who know everything, or are covered in fur and have 4 legs, it’s completely normal and natural for us to worry when we have someone in our house that we don’t know that well for a service visit — whether that’s an plumber, handyman, painter,  or even an exterminator.

At Blue Chip, we take extra precautions to try to ease your anxiety and make our visits as friendly and stress-free as possible. Don’t believe us? Ask Brittany!

Want a Change in your Diet?

Calling all carnivores ????????????????????: Beware of the Lone Star tick (not native to Texas but instead named for the white spot on the backs of adult females) OR prepare to possibly become a vegetarian. ???????????????????????? While rare, an allergy to red meats has developed in some people with bites from this tick. Scientists, entomologists and medical doctors are currently in the process of trying to pinpoint the cause and looking at a protein or enzyme in tick spit.