Ant: Boy or Girl?

Did you know you can tell an ant’s gender by putting it in water?

If it floats, it’s a girl ant.

If it sinks, it’s buoyant.

Ha! 🙂 But, in reality, it all boils down the the number of chromosomes in a cell. Each male ant contains half the number of chromosomes as the corresponding cell in the female.

For those of us who don’t have an entomology degree, as well as the materials needed to count chromosomes of ants, here’s a rough outline of how you can try to tell you ant genders apart:

  • If an ant lays an egg, it’s female.
  • If it does nothing but lay eggs, it’s not only a female but also the queen ant.
  • Male ants are typically smaller than females with smaller heads but longer antennae.

School may be back in session; however, summer is still in full swing. And the ants are still busy and active. If you’re having problems with ants, let us know. We have pest control programs that not only treat for any ant issues/problems but also help prevent them from returning.  Boy AND girl ants!