Pest Control in the Fall

Fall “leaves” ???? us with images of colorful leafs, pumpkin everything and football weekends. The cooler temperatures are signs to the insects and rodents that winter isn’t too far behind. They forgo football stadiums & pumpkin patches ???? in favor of spending their fall days looking for places to cozy up and enjoy a warm winter — and are smart enough to realize that homes equal warmth. Here’s how Blue Chip “tackles” ???? pest control issues during fall months.

Used Car Shoppers: It’s a “Buyer’s Beware” World

In the market for a used car? And more specifically one is that is NOT filled with rodents & roaches? Check this out before you check that next car out!

Knock, knock!

Two days before you technician arrives at your home for your regular service visit, you will receive an email letting you know the day we’re coming. Of course, you don’t typically need to be home for regular service visits. Treating the outside of your home keeps any pests from sneaking inside so, with these regular service programs, you shouldn’t have any pests inside anyway!

Regardless, our technicians will always knock on your door to let you know they have arrived, check in with you (if you’re home) to ask you if you’ve had any issues recently and let you know what their plan is for the day.

Not home? No problem!

Look very closely at the front door in this picture. See the yellow tag that’s been left on the door handle? Your Blue Chip technician will leave that on your front door to let you know we’ve come out as promised. You will also receive a follow up email after the visit letting you know what your technician found and how he treated around your home.

Bye Bye Fruit Fly!

Apples. Oranges. Bananas.


Protect your fruit and your kitchen from fruit flies with these easy tips:

(1) Only keep fresh fruit on your counter.

(2) Toss over-ripe fruit in a sealed trash can.

(3) Whenever possible, store fruit in the fridge.

(4) Replace sponges & rags frequently.

(5) Keep kitchen surfaces clean.