Grateful Hearts

As we wrap up another year at Blue Chip, our team can’t help but reflect on some of the things that have left our hearts feeling so incredibly grateful in 2019. Here are few of the things and memories that have left smiles on our faces and in our hearts this year:
Christian (Technician): As most of my work is done outdoors, I’m thankful for our mild winter. At least so far!
(Editor’s note: Umm. As I type this snow has been falling for about 24 hours and temps are in the 20’s. It’s safe to assume that Christian did NOT say this today! Although many techs are going home early today so that might make for a nice thankful swap for today’s snowy forecast!)
Amanda (Fenton office): There is a man that has been standing at the intersection of Hwy 141 and Hwy 21 almost everyday for the past 3 years. He doesn’t ask for anything — he simply stands there, at times with a wooden cross, waving and smiling. I don’t know his name or anything about him; however, this man, without even knowing it, has helped get me through one of the worst times in my life & I will forever be grateful to him.
Scott R. (Termite Manager): I’m grateful to be in a position where I now own my first home!
Kim N. (Human Resources Manager): I’m grateful to have a great job that not only allows me to provide for my family but also for a company that encourages activism and giving back to others.
Nate (Technician): I’m thankful for my family but especially grateful this year that my daughter has graduated from college and is heading to Colorado to pursue her master’s degree.
Blue Chip Pest Services: As a whole, not a day goes by that we aren’t so incredibly grateful for all our wonderful & loyal customers, our hardworking & dedicated staff and our local and national reputation as a pest control company that is dedicated to customer service, professionalism and excellence.

Unwanted Christmas Surprises

Seeing some new pests in your house recently? The culprit might just be your Christmas tree! Be sure to scope out any fresh garland and wreaths too. Webbing, insect eggs, signs of nesting and/or rodent droppings in your holiday decor are clear signs you have an issue. Give us a call at (636)343-7900 or email us at It’s not too late for us to help you take back the holidays! Next year, be sure to shake off all live greenery and trees then give them an inspection before you bring them indoors to avoid any more hitchhiking surprises.

Congrats Alicia!

???? Congrats to one of Blue Chip’s very own — Alicia! In addition to working at Blue Chip (starting as an intern 5 years ago & transitioning over time into our billing department), this sweet girl has officially graduated from Maryville University with her bachelor’s degree. ????‍???? How’s she celebrating? She’s taking a well-deserved month off from school then heading right back in January for her master’s degree! ???? You can see how proud her family is of her and Team Blue Chip is popping with pride for her today too!


Five Star Service

Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google review: “The office staff is always so friendly and helpful. Everyone answers the phone quickly so I’m never on hold for very long. The technician was so friendly and informative as well. He arrived right on time and had great respect for my home! Always love working with Blue Chip!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’ve already found our blog but did you know you can also find Blue Chip Pest Services on Google and Facebook as well? Pop by anytime and let us know what you think about our service and team members. We’d love to connect with YOU!

Fleas in the Winter (Spoiler alert: YES!)

Let’s “bug” a vet for a minute: Can our dogs & cats still battle flea infestations in the cold, winter months?

(Spoiler alert: YES!)

It’s a total misconception to assume that when the temperatures drop, the flea populations drop and petowners can be a bit more laid about about using flea preventives on our dogs and cats. Since fleas spend the majority of their time underneath our pets warm & cozy fur, dropping temperatures don’t affect them very much. Some stages of a flea’s life cycle are actually very resistant to temperature changes and flea pupae can be stimulated to emerge by something as simplistic as carbon dioxide emitted from your dog’s breath.

Fleas have also evolved so that by the time petowners even detect them, they number well into the thousands. Scratching fur can be a sign of dry skin; however, it also represents on the symptoms of fleas. Other possible symptom may include hair loss and sores on dogs and/or sores around the lips and face on cats.

If you end up with a flea infestation this winter (or really anytime for that matter), take your dog or cat to the vet for treatment. Wash your pet’s bedding (or yours if your pet sleeps with you) multiple times in hot water. Vacuum up any fleas, larvae or pupae then throw the bag away. And finally, let the professionals at Blue Chip know. Our two-step flea elimination program not only works to kill the adults but also has a growth regular which keeps any eggs from hatching.

With Love, From Amazon

Online shopping has spread like wildfire in the recent years to no one’s surprise. While the rush of the holidays and holiday shopping is still in full swing, online shopping remains the most popular way to shop. Emailed coupons. The ability to shop without ever having to leave your home. Dodging crazy crowds. Free shipping from certain retailers. Online shopping has greatly increased the number of packages that get sent to homes from all over the world. If homeowners are not careful, these packages could also bring unwanted gifts into their house. Pests, such as mice, could be keeping warm and cozy inside boxes. Plants and flowers could be hosts for spiders or their eggs. Bring the items your ordered inside but leave the unwanted packaging hitchhikers outside!