How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool

A diving duck

When summer comes around here in St. Louis MO, we all look forward to taking a swim to combat the heat. Unfortunately, all kinds of birds around the area have the same idea. If you don’t take the proper precautions to keep birds out of your pool, you can easily open up your yard to all kinds of guests. Especially if your pool is nearby dense or fruit-producing trees, you can unwillingly create a bird haven in your backyard or community center. If you’re looking to learn how to keep birds away from your pool, read on for advice from the bird control experts at Blue Chip Pest Services!

Why Are There Birds in My Pool?

Just like humans, birds are looking to relax in favorable conditions and get out of the heat in our sweltering summers. You’ll find birds in ponds and puddles all year long—the only thing keeping them out of your pool is proximity! If birds find an open pool nearby, they will be happy to frequently visit or even set up a nest close by in order to have easy access to it.

If your yard has large, fruit-bearing trees, shaded areas, or sheltered roof and attic access, birds will be even more likely to share your home with you without permission.

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool

It takes effort to ensure that your yard stays pest-free, and this goes for birds as well. There are a few important bird prevention strategies to keep up with to make sure birds aren’t using your pool:

  • Keep your pool covered: Whenever you’re not using your pool, leaving a pool cover on will prevent birds from trying to swim.
  • Keep your plants in check: Trees with nuts and berries will contribute to a bird problem that an open pool will only worsen. Keep them trimmed back and collect dropped fruit often. You might want to consider getting rid of your bird feeder, too.
  • Use decoy toys: You can purchase decoy predators like owls, coyotes, and more to prevent birds from scoping out your property. Reflective balls and spikes are also physical bird repellent options.

Bird Control Help in St. Louis MO

If you’re struggling to keep birds out of your pool even after following our recommendations for prevention, it’s time to reach out to your local bird removal experts. Birds are protected animals here in St. Louis, so it’s important to leave their handling to the professionals. We can set up expert bird exclusion techniques to make sure you can enjoy your pool unbothered. Contact us today for a free quote!