Pest-Free with TAP Insulation

Ants crawling across a gray laminate floor

If you’re here, you probably know that you can contact Blue Chip Pest Services for your household pest control services. If you have an infestation in and around the St. Louis area, we can eradicate the problem and render you pest-free once more. But what if we were to tell you that there is a way that can protect your home from a majority of our region’s insect pests without you having to lift a finger?

It’s called TAP Insulation®, and we offer this service to not only keep homes free of common bugs, but also more efficient and environmentally sound. All of this is possible, and with Blue Chip Pest Services it’s never been easier.

What is TAP® Insulation?

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, or TAP® Insulation, is a form of blown-in cellulose partially comprised of recycled newspaper. It’s loose-fill and easily added over any existing insulation in your walls or attic. What makes TAP® so unique is that its fibers are treated with a specially formulated borate solution. It’s not enough of a concentration to harm human beings or pests, but it’s targeted specifically to work as a constant pesticide right where your home is most vulnerable.

How Can TAP® Insulation Help?

TAP® Insulation is capable of killing the most common insect pests in the St. Louis area. It’s equally effective against ants as it is for roaches and certain termites. And it remains effective for as long as it’s installed, never needing to be replaced. Plus, insects can’t develop a tolerance to it.

Aside from its effect on insects, TAP® Insulation also functions as an all-around quality insulator. It’s  Energy Star certified, so as it deters pests it also works to lower your overall energy costs. TAP® Insulation is greener, efficient, and easy to install. When you consider all of that, as well as its pest-eliminating capabilities, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners are choosing Blue Chip Pest Services to install it in new and existing homes.

Insulation and Extermination from Blue Chip Pest Services

For decades, Blue Chip Pest Services has worked in pest control services for homes and businesses in the St. Louis area. We know how to combat an infestation of any scope – but even more than that, we know the steps to take that’ll keep you from ever getting an infestation to begin with. It’s never been easier than it is with TAP® Insulation, and we can help get this new bug barrier into your home. To get an estimate, contact us today!