Are you ready to pull a Bill Murray over those pesky, taunting rodents that won’t give up? That’s because you’re going about mole control all wrong. Here we’ll let you in on a few secrets from the pros that will shed insight on where the real problem lies.


  1. You’re wasting effort and money cutting off the wrong food source. Often, homeowners will try to apply insecticide to their lawn to attack grubs, which are one of moles’s food sources. You think: cut off their food source and they’ll be sent packing, in search of food down the street, right? However, what if you don’t even have grubs? Also, while moles do eat grubs, they feast on earthworms. So, all that money and time you’re spending trying to eradicate non-existent grubs won’t put a dent in the mole issue, take it from us.
  2. You’re baiting the wrong tunnel. Your intentions are good, but it’s the execution where you’re going wrong. See, moles are known to create long tunnels underground that disrupt the soil surface of your lawn to the point where it feels spongy. If you try to dig down into one of those tunnels and place poison bait in there, that’s fine, but which tunnel? What if the tunnel you choose is defunct or the mole doesn’t take the bait? As we said, they prefer earthworms. So, you’ve just spent a lot of effort barking up the wrong tree with this method.
  3. You decide to introduce a predator, such as a cat. There are a number of issues with this method. For one, the average house cat sleeps a lot, and let’s face it, they can be lazy. This means their window of opportunity is slim. Not to mention, some cats are better hunters than others. Just sayin’. You could have a dud as far as feline mole-hunters goes.
  4. You go Bill Murray on the moles, meaning: pour propane gas down the tunnels and light it on fire. We’re pretty sure this tactic will be dramatic and satisfying in the moment, but you’ll land yourself in jail, at best, and burn down your house. You’ll get yourself black listed from all future neighborhood block parties for eternity.


Don’t reenact Caddyshack in your backyard. There is another way. Reach out to Blue Chip Pest Services before you lose your mind over mole control. Our professional team has been eradicating moles for years. We know how to spot active tunnels and use various methods, including properly deployed traps, possible to fix your problem for good.

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