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5 Tips for controlling spiders in your house

Spider Control Tips

Most spiders are harmless, but yet arachnids are the most feared of all home pests. You have to sleep at night. Right? So, it’s understandable why homeowners turn to professionals for spider removal services to rid their home of these creepy crawlers.

Here are five ways you can do-it-yourself:

1 – Indirect spraying won’t work

Spiders don’t drag their bodies when they move, so they can step over insecticide. And because they don’t have a circulatory system that will carry the chemical from their feet to their organs, and they don’t groom themselves like insects do, that method won’t be effective.

Spider Control Tips

You need a direct spray for spider control. St. Louis-based Blue Chip recommends spraying on the surface of an entry point, where spiders are more likely to pass their body through.

2 – Get rid of other insects, which in turn will cut down a spider’s food source

Spiders eat other insects in your home. So, by eliminating those other insects, you will in turn naturally cut down on the spider population.

3 – Caulk cracks and crevices and treat along walls, looking for gaps around or under doors and wall sockets

Consider using sticky traps and glue boards in dark quiet places: closets, between furniture and walls. In general, if you trap the spider’s prey, you’ll catch the spider too. Attract the insect, and you’ve got the spider.

4 – You’ll find spiders near light sources

Because insects are attracted to light, and spiders eat insects, you’ll likely find webs and spiders near light sources that attract their prey. Some spiders jump, others run, still others sit still in their web and let prey come to them. For example, the long-legged spiders are the running type.

5 – Spiders live alone

As predators, spiders tend to live and operate alone. That’s good news if you do happen to use your shoe. If all else fails, you can try home remedies using essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, and citrus, and any with intense smells.

5 Tips for controlling spiders in your house Pest Control

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