They’re back. In force. Spring rains often drive ants indoors as they’re seeking shelter and food. When the ants come marching onto your kitchen counters, into the pantry, and along baseboards, it’s not a pretty sight.

Ants are social insects

Ant Control St. Louis

The problem with ants is that you never find just one. They travel in large social packs. All it takes is a drop of spilled juice or a single crumb to attract them. Not only that, once they arrive, they don’t leave. They get comfortable. And the next thing you know, a queen has set up her colony in your home.

Prevent an invasion and colonization.

Knowing what type of insect you’re dealing with will help to eradicate them. Common offenders include:

  • Tiny black ants seek sugar, starches and meat but colonize outdoors. Find the colony, treat, and seal off entry points.
  • Carpenter ants nest in moist wood. If your home has had a leak or other damage, they will find it and make it worse. Contact a pest management professional to help.

What can you do to get rid of the ants?

If you’re dealing with the tiny black ants, look for an obvious crack or crevice. But habitat removal is the best course of action. Keep bushes trimmed back around your home, turn over mulch, and clean out debris on your property.

Best way? Partner with a professional

Blue Chip Pest Services offers an ongoing preventive service plan that manages pest control in and around your home. You have enough on your plate between work and family commitments. Let us take care of the insects.

We provide both interior and exterior ant treatments, we seal entry points, and we monitor on a regular basis, looking for signs of a problem and preventing it before it becomes worse. Ask about our other services too.

Call Blue Chip today or visit us online at to schedule an appointment.

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