April showers bring necessary moisture to our grass and flowers, but they also attract those pesky pests. What can you do to prevent moisture pests like earwigs and silverfish and termites and carpenter ants from seeking refuge in your home?

What You Can Do to Protect Your Home From Pests

Blue Chip pest control experts encourage homeowners to take the necessary steps this time of year to protect their property. The last thing you want is for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in places where water collects, creating a problem all summer long when you and your family want to enjoy the outdoors.

Here are other hot spots to watch for:

  • Leaf litter and weeds, under which earwigs and silverfish will thrive in the excess moisture.
  • The sides of your home, softened by and rotting because of water that isn’t properly redirected becomes a playground for termites and carpenter ants

Springtime Prevention is Key to Residential Pest Control

With a few simple steps, you can do a lot to prevent moisture-loving pests from infesting your home and property.

  • Clear out clogged gutters so they can do their job of redirecting water.
  • Rake away piles of leaves and debris that trap moisture and remove
  • Trim back overgrown landscaping along your foundation
  • Consider swapping out mulch with rocks
  • Inspect the foundation and walls and fix cracks, gaps, or holes
  • Repair leaky spigots or hoses in or near your garden

Need Pest Control Service?

Reach out to Blue Chip pest control experts today! We have the experience and equipment needed to protect and rid your property of springtime pests. Call us to schedule an appointment so you can enjoy your home and yard this season pest-free!

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