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Bed Bug Exterminators – Control & Removal

St. Louis Bed Bug Control Experts

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Bed bugs are one of the most feared kinds of pests in St. Louis, both for their bites and the stress that can come with a never-ending infestation. Unfortunately, their presence is only growing, here and worldwide. These tiny pests feed off of our blood, spread with ease, and are impossible to control without the help of a bed bug exterminator. At Blue Chip Pest Services, our bed bug control experts have the skills and experience necessary to keep bed bugs out of your home or business all year long.

Bed Bug Control Services for YOUR HOME

Bed bug problems often start when people travel or take vacations. Whether you’ve recently come home from a trip or have a child returning from college for the holidays, you have a chance of a bed bug infestation developing right inside your home. They can easily hide in mattresses, furniture, baseboards, and even tiny holes like in power outlets and light switches. Getting rid of bed bugs in your home efficiently always requires the help of an exterminator that knows where to look for them.

Our Bed Bug Pest Control Protocol

At Blue Chip Pest Services, we have 50 years of experience in bed bug extermination. Our highly trained bed bug control team will clear out your entire home by taking the following steps:

  1. Our bed bug exterminators will thoroughly inspect your property to find every hiding place.
  2. We will use targeted treatments or treat your entire home if needed.
  3. After treatment, we will follow up with necessary bed bug control and prevention tips.

Bed Bug Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Bed bugs don’t just infest homes. We’ve removed bed bugs from commercial properties and businesses around St. Louis, as well. Hotels, particularly, are very vulnerable to bed bug infestations given the amount of traffic they regularly see. It’s important to maintain a bed bug-free property to keep your business’ name in good standing.

We understand the necessity of quick, discreet, and exhaustive bed bug pest control to keep your customers safe and reputation intact.

It’s important to know where to look for bed bugs in your business. Our bed bug exterminators are well-versed in commercial bed bug control. 

A bed bug problem in your hotel, restaurant, or school can severely damage your reputation. We understand the sensitivity of a bed bug infestation, so we work diligently to remove them.

We know how important it is to conduct discreet service. when it comes to commercial pest control. When you have a bed bug problem, we will work around your schedule to determine the best time to conduct service.

We work hard to be St. Louis’s leader in bed bug extermination. At Blue Chip Pest Services, we guarantee complete satisfaction after your bed bug removal service.

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Bed Bug Exterminators – Control – Removal Serving St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

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