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Bird Control – Removal

St. Louis Bird Control Specialists

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Birds can cause property damage to our homes and slow down traffic to our businesses. While many species of birds leave us alone or don't cause much of a problem, there are several kinds of birds that wreak havoc on our properties in St. Louis. For 50 years, Blue Chip Pest Services has been your local expert in pest control for birds. We have a wide range of discreet, cost-effective, and humane bird removal strategies that take the safety of the birds into account.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

We love to have birds around in some cases, but when they nest on or around your home, they can become a major nuisance. Here in St. Louis, there are many regulations in place pertaining to bird control, so it’s important for both your safety and the birds’ to never try to remove them yourself. Enlisting professional help is always your best option for bird control.

Our Bird Control Protocol

Whether you have pigeons or sparrows causing a raucous, our experts can safely remove them. We will take the following steps to keep birds away from your home for good:

  1. Our bird control specialists will inspect your home and yard to identify the bird species and areas causing the problem.
  2. We will employ our bird pest control techniques to keep birds from roosting or nesting.
  3. If clean-up services are needed, we will safely remove any bird-related waste from your property.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Many birds in St. Louis like to nest and roost in the internal structures of our properties. Large commercial properties often give them plenty of undisturbed places to take advantage of. Getting a head start on bird control services before your problem gets out of hand is a good way to ensure a safe environment for your customers and staff.

Our bird removal team will create a custom plan suited to the unique needs of your business’ commercial property.

Our bird removal team will work with you to create a custom plan for your business. We can provide routine inspections and year-round support.

Birds can create messes and even corrode the materials of our buildings. We can provide thorough clean-up and sanitation for birds.

The best way to keep birds away is to take away nesting opportunities. We can install wires, spikes, and coils to keep them away.

Backed by 50 years of bird control experience, we have what it takes to get rid of all kinds of local bird species in St. Louis safely and exhaustively.

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Bird Control – Removal Serving St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

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