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Pest Control for EVERYONE!

We provide pest control for children, adults…and even adults who admit to acting like scared children when they see spiders!  

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Fun Fact

Let’s talk about paper margins. 🗒 (Hang with me! This is actually pretty interesting!) Ever wonder why we have them? Sure they’re great for taking notes in or making sure your handwriting stays inside certain parameters but that wasn’t their original purpose. Years ago when paper was invented, people had serious issues with rodents as…

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One Less Challenge

Are you spending a lot of time home with your kids or grandkids right now? With virtual school taking place in so many of our homes, we’ve been presented with a few extra challenges this fall. Ensuring that your “bug man” can be trusted in and around your house should never be one of those…

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A Smile & A Song

Please help us welcome the newest technician on Team Blue Chip! Lash, a fabulous father of 3, is already missing his oldest who just flew the coup and started college this year at SIU (Southern Illinois University). In his spare time, Lash is a music producer with Rue Productions. Blue Chip — bringing excellent pest…

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Running (Or Walking) For a Cause

Love dragonflies? (Ok, so they’re bugs but they’re some of the cool ones!) Enjoy a good virtual run? (Or a virtual walk — no shame in that game!) Wanna meet an amazing foundation? (Meet The Dragonfly Foundation –>   Check out this link for the dragonfly virtual runs. If this gorgeous stained-glass sun catcher…

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Thousands by Thousands

Remember that kids song where “the ants go marching two by two?” Uhhh…how about the ants go marching THOUSANDS BY THOUSANDS! The few ants you may see on your kitchen counter or bathroom floor are scouring for food and water sources for thousands of ants you don’t see that live in their nearby colony.  The…

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Blue Chip’s Founder: Scott Phillips

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the founder of Blue Chip Pest Services, Scott Phillips, passed away yesterday morning after suffering a severe stroke last week. He is survived by his two children, Jeff Phillips & Kim Sieveking, and his 4 grandchildren. He was a great father and grandfather who led by…

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Tick-Borne Diseases On the Rise

In the middle of this pandemic, more people are spending more time outdoors talking walking, hiking trails and enjoying parks. This increased outdoor time provides us with sunshine, fresh air and exercise but it also increases our chances of exposure to ticks. Reports of tick-borne diseases have been on a steady incline over the past…

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