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Bug Barometer: Spring & Summer 2019

The Bug Barometer is released twice a year by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and their team of entomologists. It predicts seasonal forecasts of pest pressures by region based on weather patterns, long-term predictions and pest biological behaviors. Here’s what the Bug Barometer predicts for our area (North Central US): “After a very cold …

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Meet the Clover Mite

Despite their name, there is nothing lucky about clover mites. At only 80 mm in size, these reddish-brown pests are minuscule, even smaller than the size of a pinhead. They differ from most other pests because they actually prefer cooler weather. Their presence typically increases in the springtime when they have the opportunity to not …

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Temperatures in the 90’s. Last day of school. Pools opening for the season. BBQ plans coming together. Lemonade stands. Oh yeah — sweet summertime is here! As I think of summer (and now a nice tall glass of ice cold lemonade — yum!), one word that comes to mind is refreshing. The word refresh means …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies! Whether you’re a mom or not, we bet there’s someone out there who wishes you were their mom. Make this day just as beautiful as you are!

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Insect Ice Cream, Anyone?

Hot sunny days call for ice cream. But…insect ice cream? An Australian researcher is exploring how maggots, locusts and other insects can be used as alternative forms of proteins by being added to familiar foods. I mean, lobsters aren’t exactly pretty but dip them in drawn butter and your mouth will melt. But why does …

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What’s all the buzzzzz?

Ever had eye pain? Sure. Watery eyes? 100%. How about swollen eyelids? Yep. (Once you hit your 40’s, everything swells!) But…what about bees LIVING IN YOUR EYES? Uh. Nope. #AndThankGoodness A 29 year old woman in Taiwan started feeling some discomfort in her eyes while cleaning a relative’s grave. Assuming it was dust or dirt, …

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Carpenter Ant: True or False

Carpenter ants get their name from their nest-building technique. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat wood; however, they do chew through wood to excavate it & create smooth tunnels inside that form their nest. TRUE or FALSE: Carpenter ants live in colonies of up to 1,000 workers. (Scroll down and look below the picture of …

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“Fun” Fact: Bed bugs

Bed bugs aren’t picky at all when it comes to selecting their nightly accommodations. You’re just as likely to find them in a one-star motel (like a Motel 6) as you are to find in them in a five-star luxury hotel (like a Ritz-Carlton). Sleep on that “fun” fact tonight. Until then… Goodnight. Sleep tight. …

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