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Would you rather…?

  For just a minute, forget whatever major questions you’re contemplating in your life right now and let’s focus on something totally silly: Would you rather be a SQUIRREL or a FROG just for a day?      

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  If the weekend HAD to end and Monday simply HAD to arrive again, we might as well kick off this week with some fun celebrations for some of our Blue Chippers this month!    

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We heart referrals!

  Every time one of our customers refers someone to us, we send that customer a surprise gift card in the mail as a little token of our appreciation. And, boy-oh-boy, does good news travel fast! 🙂 Today I am mailing 27 (yes, TWENTY SEVEN!) gift cards out for referrals we’ve had in just the…

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Ants are back in my house! How can I get rid of these pesky bugs?

They’re back. In force. Spring rains often drive ants indoors as they’re seeking shelter and food. When the ants come marching onto your kitchen counters, into the pantry, and along baseboards, it’s not a pretty sight. Ants are social insects The problem with ants is that you never find just one. They travel in large…

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New website…New blog!

  Have you checked out all the things you can do on our new & improved website? You can… Chat with us LIVE Print a coupon Learn about the various residential and commercial services we offer — including pest, wildlife, mosquito, bed bugs, bird removal & termites Read REAL customer testimonials Schedule a service Watch…

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3 Common Summer Pests and How to Prevent them

We don’t like to think about insects invading our home, and jeopardizing our health, but the fact is they do. Now is the time of year to start thinking of prevention. Here we’ll tackle the three most common offenders and how to handle mosquito control in particular. 1. Mosquitos Rid your home and property of…

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Green Pest Control – Is It Effective?

When it comes to pest control, the goal is to get rid of the pests. Period. In a residential environment especially, it’s important that the pest control provider is using a treatment that is safe for your family and pets. But you might be curious about green pest control – what it is and does…

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Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Year

Have you noticed pests around your property? Maybe not yet, but they’re coming. Here are a few easy ways to guard your door when it comes to residential pest control. 1. Inspect your home and tidy up the yard As soon as the snow thaws, begin a thorough inspection of your home for any cracks…

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2017 Pest Trends

An unseasonably warm start to the new year is causing a spike in insect and rodent activity. Not only are household pests escaping a dormant season, they’re predicted to have an extra life cycle during this extended period of warmer weather.

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