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Meet the Cicada Killer Wasp!

You’ve probably seen at least one of these hanging out in your yard this summer. Meet the cicada killer wasp. These wasps are not usually aggressive & rarely sting but can be rather intimidating based on their size alone. At nearly an inch and a half in length, their long, yellow & black striped bodies…

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Debugging Myths

You probably read the book Charlotte’s Web while you were in school, right? Or maybe you’ve seen a movie with bug-like characters or plots. A Bug’s Life, Arachnophobia or Ant-Man, perhaps? Many of our preconceived notions about bugs are simply something we “learned” when we were younger, old wives tales or just myths. Let’s have some fun…

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3 Things You Never Knew About Carpenter Bees

While you’re kickin’ back and relaxing this summer, you may be shocked to learn a destructive force is hard at work, lurking inside the walls of your home. 

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Rodentologist? Yep, it’s a REAL thing!

Today we’re throwing it back to Training Day last month for all of Team Blue Chip. We were thrilled to bring Bobby Corrigan to St. Louis for a full day of extensive training. A nationally-noted rodentologist, Bobby shared refreshers & new techniques in how to maintain greatness in our rodent control program. We place such…

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Happy 4th of July

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! As you celebrate our independence day with family & friends, here are 4 fun fact about the 4th to share with them. Both Thomas Jefferson AND John Adams died on July 4th in 1826. The Philippians and Rwanda also gained their indolence on July 4th. Americans eat 155 million (yep, million!)…

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Backyard Gardens

During the past 5 years there’s been a significant shift in the number of people growing their own food — namely vegetables. As a matter of fact, 35% of all households in America grow food either at home or in a community garden. Are you one of these people? Or at least considering joining them?…

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Don’t Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Summer Vacay

Sweet summertime is here! Bring on summer vacations! A beach? Theme park? A lake? The mountains? A big city? Overseas? Or perhaps in the middle of the sea! No matter where you go for vacation, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from any encounters with biting pests. When choosing a hotel for your…

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Bugs & Brews

Do your weekend plans include an outdoor BBQ? And quite possibly an ice cold beer? Watch out — you’re not the only one might be after a cold brew!

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Today’s Number of the Day: SIX!!!!!!

Six. That’s the number of exclamation points this thrilled customer used in just two sentences when writing about a pest control company. Her pest control company. And, luckily, it can very easily be YOUR pest control company too. If we aren’t already! 🙂 We take pride in being “over the top”, shine with an entire…

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Emphasis on Education

Every single person on Team Blue Chip — from our owners to our office staff to our technicians to our managers — is required to complete and pass a course on pest management from Purdue University. Upon completion of this course, we continue to put an emphasis on education and training by offering many more…

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