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Tick-Borne Diseases On the Rise

In the middle of this pandemic, more people are spending more time outdoors talking walking, hiking trails and enjoying parks. This increased outdoor time provides us with sunshine, fresh air and exercise but it also increases our chances of exposure to ticks. Reports of tick-borne diseases have been on a steady incline over the past …

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Little Extras Add Up

???? Spider web removal: ???? Included with every single pest control visit! ????  

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Happy Take Your Dog to Work/Your Home Office Day!

Happy Take Your Dog To Work (Or Your Home Office) Day! I can’t tell if one of Blue Chip’s furry, 4-legged mascots, Wrigley, is working hard or hardly working. ????  She’s looking more like she’s ready for chasing tennis balls in the sunshine rather than working in her “paw”-ffice this afternoon. ????

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Love is in the Air

Here comes the bride! ???? And her groom! ???? It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our favorite newly married couple — our termite manager Scott Romay and his beautiful bride Tina! Cheers to a lifetime of laughter and love, Mr. and Mrs. Romay! ❤️  

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2020 Mascot

Meet the unofficial mascot of 2020: 1) Washes hands incessantly 2) Always wears a mask 3) Rearranged letters of his name actually spell “corona”

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17 Year Quarantine

We’re not the only ones starting to emerge from our quarantine…

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Cute Little Bugs (Yes, there IS such a thing!)

Who’s spent Quarantine 2020 playing some new games on your phone? Have you tried Best Fiends? (Nope, there’s no typo and I didn’t misspell the word “friends” — fiends. Like “friends” minus the letter R.)  I’m not playing the game (at least not yet!) but I am obsessing over ALLLLL the darling little bug characters …

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