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Mosquito Season: FIGHT THE BITE!

Mosquito season is here! Check out how we can help you FIGHT THE BITE!–Fight-the-Bite-with-Blue-Chip-.html?soid=1117033279832&aid=Q81Kv-TlAP8

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Welcome to Team Blue Chip!

We’ve recently hired lot of new faces to our Blue Chip family. Please help us welcome these newbies! DYLAN — This chatty guy and avid sports fan comes to us with many years of pest control experience already under his belt. MARSHALL — This avid guitar player and Grateful Dead fan has actually started his …

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Our Newest Addition

It’s a boy! ???? It’s a girl! ???? Okay, so “technically” it’s neither but we do have a new arrival around here….although this arrival doesn’t need a bottle ???? and can already sleep through the night! (SCORE!) We are thrilled to announce that, in addition offices in Fenton, Ballwin, Chesterfield & St Peters, Blue Chip …

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What foods are ants most attracted to?

Ants eat a wide variety of foods, so keeping your home free of food debris, crumbs, and dirty dishes is crucial to preventing an infestation. Although ants have an appetite for many foods, there are a few that are more likely to trigger an infestation. At Blue Chip Pest Services, we’ve put together a list …

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What insects swarm in early spring?

The warm temperatures in early spring bring the insects out of hiding from their winter habitats. The mix of warmth and moisture draws out swarms of insects such as termites, bees, wasps, and ants that can invade your home and outdoor areas. Buzzing, stings and unwelcome pests in your home and yard can put a …

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Cry Me a Cockroach!

It’s valentine’s week but, unfortunately, not every love story is a happy one. No problem! Leave it to a Texas zoo to have your back…and broken heart. Anyone who’s been crushed by their ex can now purchase a cockroach for $5 at the San Antonio Zoo just to name it after your ex…and watch it …

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Liar, Liar — Pants on Fire

Hey, I’m not usually one to call out anyone but what’s up with America’s favorite rodent, that sweet-looking groundhog Punxsutawney Phil? Apparently looks can be deceiving. As can his forecast predictions. Despite a prediction of early spring, my dreams of tulip season right around the corner have been quickly replaced by my children’s dreams of …

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Trivia Night Prep

January through March seem to be the time in St. Louis when trivia nights start kicking up all over the St. Louis area. Want to brush up on some fun facts in the bug world before your next trivia night? We got your back! Is there something you still want to know? Give us a …

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