Who else saw the snow flurries yesterday morning? While it’s “technically” still fall, winter temperatures are already creeping in. When most people think about insects, spring & summer seasons may come to mind first; however, bugs don’t simply disappear in the winter. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding pest control in the upcoming cold winter months.
Q: Do I really need pest control services in the winter? Don’t all the bugs die when it gets cold?
A: We treat your home year-round because insects don’t actually die off during the winter. Most simply go deeper in the soil to stay warm. Or, some pests, like ladybugs and stink bugs, even try to come inside to stay warm. Insects are actually smart enough to recognize the oncoming cold and build up supplies of food for the winter. We use different types of materials for your winter visits that penetrate deeper into the soil to target these clever pests. These materials are designed to hold up better in cold weather and are the best protection against pests from entering at the first warm spell.
Q: What can I expect on an exterior pest control visit during the winter?
A: During the winter, we concentrate on using residual dusts, baits and granular materials to prepare your house for spring. By treating early, we can help prevent the pests that appear at the first hint of spring. St. Louis winters are typically not as severe as winters in more northern climates so many species of insects are not only able to survive — but also to thrive — year round.

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