“No need for rodent control at my house — I have a cat!”

Have you heard this before? (We have!) Or have you said this before? (Guilty as charged!) The NPMA (National Pest Management Association) partnered with Fordham University to  run study on this using scent detection and micro-chipping. And, well, it turns out that cats can’t be counted on to eliminate rodent population around your home.

Some of the results of their study showed that:

  • Over a 5 month period, cats came into contact with the rats that had been micro-chipped over 300 times.
  • Less than 1% of these encounters ended up with a cat actually killing a rat.
  • After a cat has been in the area, rats are not likely to come out for the remainder of that that and the following day.
  • Rats were 20% more likely to go into hiding after a cat sighting; however, they would reappear at a later date.

Winter brings mice and rats inside looking for warmth and food. If you have a cat, great! Count on Miss Kitty for sweet snuggles and purrs but leave the real rodent control to our Blue Chip experts. Our indoor traps combined with our outdoor tamper-resistant bait stations are game changers when it comes to rodent control. So much so that our rodent program comes with a 100%, 365-day guarantee — you won’t have rodents or we come back out free of charge until you don’t have any more issues.

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