Pest Control In The Fall

Changing leaves, falling temps, and insects coming inside are all signs that it is fall in St. Louis. All pests including insects, rodents, and wildlife are smart enough to recognize the signs of winter approaching. They are also smart enough to recognize that your home represents a warm and safe place to spend the winter. Our service programs make sure that all of the potential entry points for these pests are protected, and that the pests stay outside where they belong.

Mice and other rodents are particularly sensitive to changes in the weather. They will often be among the first to seek out alternate food sources and shelter that the colder weather will impact. They are attracted to our homes and businesses by escaping heat, and smells of food sources. They will seek out an opening the size of a dime which is all they need to enter a structure. Our service program eliminates mice outside and we will also alert you to area of potential entry that need to be sealed.

Many insect pests will try to survive the cold winter by entering a structure for the winter months only. Ladybugs, box elder and stink bugs, cluster flies, and other over wintering pests, are attracted to our homes and businesses and will enter through the smallest of cracks to try and stay warm. Our regular service programs treat these potential entry points and maintain a barrier of material to kill them as they try to enter, keeping your home protected.

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