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What Can I Expect On An Exterior Pest Control Visit During The Winter?

During the winter, we concentrate on using residual dusts, baits and granular materials to prepare the house for spring. By treating early in the season, we can prevent the pests that come alive at the first hint of spring. With winter being less severe than years past, many species are able to not only survive, …

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My House Is 10 Years Old, Should I Worry About Termites?

Most homes in our area will develop termite activity between the ages of eight and 15 years. While some may start early and others never have problems, most homes in this range will have termites at some point. You may start to see your neighbors having termite treatments done. While this will not send them …

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I Have Heard That If I Find Ants Around My Home, I Might Have A Termite Problem. Is That Correct?

No. There is no correlation between the two. While both favor similar habitats, such as mulch beds and woodpiles, they are mortal enemies of one another. Finding one does not mean that the other is soon to follow.

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Do I Need To Leave When You Service?

Only if you want to. We primarily use no- or low-odor materials in and around homes and businesses. If you would feel more comfortable leaving, let us know how we can best accommodate your needs.

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I Found Some Termite Activity In A Fence Post, What Now?

While this does not mean that the house is falling down, it does let you know that termites are active around your home. This is a great time to go after the termite colony, rather than waiting for them to come to you and do damage. The Sentricon™ system for termite control works outside your …

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How Frequently Should My Home Be Serviced?

That’s a good question – one that is very dependent on the conditions around your home. Homes surrounded by trees and shrubs, back up to wooded areas, or have a lot of activity that keeps doors open will require more frequent visits. Other homes may require fewer visits to achieve the same results. See our …

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I Just Had My Outside Service Done, And It Rained The Next Day. Do I Need To Have My House Treated Again?

No. As long as the materials had an opportunity to dry, which takes about 30 minutes, it will stay adhered to the surface it was applied to. While rain, sun and wind will all break down pesticides, they are designed to withstand the elements for up to 90 days. On most days when there is …

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Are The Products You Use Safe?

All of the products we use are toxic to insects, but they pose no threat to humans or other mammals. We do, however, realize that people don’t like to be exposed to treatments. That’s why we concentrate most of our applications on the exterior of the home. On the inside, we concentrate heavily on inspecting …

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