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Are Bed Bugs Real?

Yes. Bed bugs which were once eradicated in the United States have been around in other countries. They are back because they are very adept at piggybacking onto travelers and can go around the world in less than a day.

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Do Only Dirty People Get Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs can be found in all types of homes and hotels. Five star hotels are just as likely to get bed bugs as a one star. The cleanliness of the hotel or home has no bearing on whether or not bed bugs will infest.

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How Did I Get Them?

Most people get bed bugs from travel. When staying in a hotel or home that is infested bed bugs will invade luggage or clothing to ride home with the host. Other ways that they can get in include, house guests bringing them, or bringing in used or infested furniture.

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I Hear About Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Do They Work?

They are effective in the short term at killing bed bugs, but heat does not always eliminate 100% of the pests and without a chemical treatment they can be likely to come back. We have found that chemical treatments are the most effective overall treatment for these pests in both the short and long term.

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After Treatment, How Long Until They Are Completely Gone?

Generally the problem is mostly eliminated after the first treatment. We make a mandatory follow up part of the service to go back through the most heavily infested areas and make 100% sure that the problem is eliminated.

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Can I Keep My Mattress After The Treatment For Bed Bugs?

If a mattress is infested with Bed Bugs, we recommend that the mattress be removed and thrown away. If that is not a practical solution, then a specific “Bed Bug” mattress encasement should be used on both the mattress and box springs. If the encasement is not designed for Bed Bugs, they can slip through …

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What Can I Do To Keep From Getting Bed Bugs?

Inspect your hotel room before you move your stuff in. Pull back the sheets and look at the mattress for bugs, eggs, or stains from their feces that look like rust spots. Check the headboards and nightstand drawers. Never buy or pick up a used mattress, and if necessary inspect furniture or other items brought …

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What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For A Bed Bug Treatment?

See our what to expect page for a full breakdown of what needs to be done to prepare as well as what the service will entail.

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