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If The Animal Has To Be Put Down, How Is This Done?

We use a humane method approved by the American Veterinary Association.

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Do You Relocate Animals That Are Caught?

Yes, when allowed by state regulations and dependent on the animals health.

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Are Animals Picked Up Seven Days A Week If Necessary?

Yes, once the traps are set the customer will receive a phone number that is answered seven days a week.

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Do You Come Out To Check The Traps For Me?

We do not. All of our traps are equipped with trap alert. This is a cellular based device that monitors the trap and alerts us to when the trap is triggered and an animal is generally caught. Once notified, we will contact you about picking up the animal.

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Do I Need To Check The Traps You Place?

The law states that animal cage traps must be checked daily to prevent the animal from undue stress and harm. We have implemented a cellular tracking program for all of our traps that will not only check the traps constantly, but it will alert us to when an animal is caught so that we can …

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If You Have To Set Cages, How Many And Where?

It all depends upon the circumstances and the type of animal involved. For the most part we set at least two cages. The cages are placed either inside or out depending on the animals movements.

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Are Your Repairs To The Entry Points Guaranteed?

Yes, all repairs carry a one year warranty against animal re-entry in this area. We cant stop them from moving to another area of the home.

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Do Moth Balls Work For Evicting Animals From An Attic Or Crawl Space?

No, animals learn to adapt to different conditions, environmental and physical, quickly.

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Can You Recommend Someone To Make Repairs?

We work closely with both a roofing / siding contractor, as well as an insulation specialist. We’ll let you know if we find something requiring their attention and provide you their information upon request.

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Do I Have To Have Blue Chip Make Repairs Or Will They Just Show Where Problem Is?

No, you can have anyone make the repairs. We will point out where the entry points are and describe the best way to fix it. If it is extensive, we will recommend that you have a professional contractor make the repairs.

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