When it comes to pest control, the goal is to get rid of the pests. Period. In a residential environment especially, it’s important that the pest control provider is using a treatment that is safe for your family and pets. But you might be curious about green pest control – what it is and does it work?

An integrated approach is best 

Green Pest Control
At Blue Chip we control the pest population through preventative measures and application of safe pesticides.

At Blue Chip, we have an approach as part of our integrated test management, that involves eliminating and controlling the pest population through preventative measures and the application of safe pesticides.

You never eliminate the use of chemicals altogether, but we strive for that balance between doing only what is necessary to still achieve the desired results.

There are trade-offs when it comes to “green” pest control—the level of care may suffer if it’s taken too far—and everyone has a slightly different understanding of what being green means. That’s why it’s important to work with a pest control expert you can trust.

Blue Chip uses a variety of tools or methods to achieve control, with the least impactful measures possible.

The basis of our program is a multi-step process that involves inspection, monitoring, and control. If problems persist, we step it up.

A few things you may not know:

  • Not all chemicals used in pest management are considered bad for humans and animals.
  • Just because chemicals are used, doesn’t mean the program isn’t green. It means the right amount of chemicals are being used for the situation at hand.
  • Certain treatments target specific insects only (for example, cockroaches or bed bugs) that do not affect other organisms
  • At times the introduction of natural enemies, screen barriers, or the use of traps can be effective

For a better understanding of our pest control treatment techniques and philosophy, feel free to call us today and ask your questions. We’re always happy to go over what makes our process effective, safe, and green.

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