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It’s What We Do, Boo!

You expect a car wash to remove dirt from your car, right? Of course! That’s the point of a car wash — to clean your car. Drive in dirty, drive out sparkly clean. Car wash expectations met.
The same goes for us at Blue Chip. You expect a pest control company to eliminate and/or prevent pest problems at your home or business, right?One of our primary goals is to offer great customer service. We believe that begins & ends with a knowledgeable staff who can solve and prevent real pest problems. Solving or preventing a pest  problem is why you originally contacted us so when we do this, pest control expectation met! Thanks, Matt, for noticing!
And, celebrating another major accomplishment in the pest control industry, others have noticed this as well since the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) named Blue Chip one of the top 100 pest control companies in the country for the third year in a row! With over 27,000 pest control companies in the United States, you can easily see why this is such a big deal for us as we’re constantly working to meet expectations on a national level as well as local level.


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It’s What We Do, Boo! Pest Control

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