So, if you go by a calendar, winter is officially over and we have been in spring for a couple of weeks. Apparently someone forget to notify Mother Nature! Where are are the tulips, sunshine and start of sandal season? The past few days I’ve been wearing winter boots and ending my nights cozied up by a fireplace. Sometimes it seems like we almost have a 5th season in St. Louis. You know you what I’m talking about — that time of year when we’re getting thundersnow in the spring. (Flashback to, oh, 6 days ago!) Technically it IS spring but more days than not feel like winter. Meet Spinter: St. Louis’ 5th season. The one that falls right in-between winter and spring.

We aren’t the only ones getting annoyed with Mother Nature — even the ants are getting in on the action! Check out this picture that one of our technicians took over the weekend of a trail of ants outdoors. Usually when it’s 27 degrees outside, we don’t see very much activity from pests, especially outdoor activity! Well, these ants have had it with winter and are showing Mother Nature who’s boss: THEM!


Luckily, no matte what the season, our technicians are trained on where and how to look for ants & how to stop them from making their way indoors. Have you seen ants in or around your house recently? Let us know!

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