Pest Control Kirkwood

Blue Chip Exterminating provides professional services to Kirkwood, MO, residents. We’re different than other exterminating companies. We believe that to effectively rid you of insects and wildlife pests, our company must:

  • Treat Both Residential and Commercial Areas. We design treatment programs for both homes and businesses in the Kirkwood area. Infestation and pest problems aren’t just issues for residences, but for companies, too. Blue Chip handles thousands of pest control cases every year.
  • Provide Staff Training. All of our staff members (office staff as well as technicians) must take a college-level course about pest control measures. Our technicians are then trained for an entire month before they can go out in the field and resolve your pest problems.
  • Have Knowledgeable Technicians. Our technicians are experts. We make sure they achieve that level of knowledge through a combination of study and experience. All Blue Chip technicians are certified by the State of Missouri after six months of field work. We also have an entomologist on staff who can design pest control treatments and answer questions for clients and staff members.

Blue Chip treats homes and businesses for these common Kirkwood pests:

  • Wildlife—raccoons, rodents, moles, voles, and birds
  • Insects—stinging insects, ants, mosquitoes, termites, ticks, fleas, and bedbugs

Kirkwood Residential Pest Control Services

Blue Chip understands that when you discover pests in or near your home, you want them gone as soon as possible. Wildlife and insects carry disease and can be harmful to people who have severe allergies. When you contact us, one of our expert technicians will come out to look for signs of pests, survey any damage, and will then talk about possible treatment plans for your home and property.

Successful Treatment for Moles and Voles

Moles and voles are common pests in the St. Louis area. While they are both wildlife, they look and act differently, and are harmful to your property in different ways. Moles are usually no more than seven inches long and have broad, paddle-like paws. Since moles don’t come out of the ground a lot, they spend most of their time burrowing underground to find grubs and insects to eat. Their tunneling causes damage to your yard and plants. Voles are small rodents that look like mice but grow up to eight inches. They often use already-built mole tunnels for transport and destroy plants, gardens, and even trees. Both moles and voles can be difficult to eliminate or trap, but Blue Chip can effectively remove them from your yard before they cause further damage.

Commercial and Business Pest Control

Pests take up lodging anywhere they feel protected and have a source of food. That usually includes office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. If you have a pest problem, or you believe that you may have pests but aren’t sure how to confirm your suspicions, call Blue Chip. We can help eliminate insect problems (bees, wasps, termites, bedbugs and mosquitoes) and rodent issues that may be plaguing your building. Call Blue Chip today to learn more about how to protect your company and your employees from pests.

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