Pest Control Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights

Protection from annoying and possibly dangerous pests is important to homeowners. No one wants insects and wildlife in and around their home and yard, disturbing their days and evenings. Blue Chip has decades of experience helping both home and business owners in Maryland Heights keep their families and customers safe.

Residential Pest Control in Maryland Heights

Our residential pest control programs are safe, fast, and effective.

We are experts in locating and eliminating pests that include:
Insects like bedbugs, ants, termites, mosquitoes, stinging insects (hornets, wasps and bees), and fleas and ticks.

Wildlife including:
raccoons, rodents, birds, voles, mice, and moles.

Our staff and technicians are specially trained through a series of courses, on-the-job experience, and assessments to ensure that they are ready to treat and eliminate any pest in or near your home. You want to keep your family safe, and we want to help you. Call us if you suspect that you have a pest control problem. We’ll come right out and take care of it.

Tick Control Measures

There are several species of ticks in the state of Missouri. They can carry and transmit diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Several years ago, ticks caused serious illness among several people in Missouri. To prevent tick bites, you should use bug repellant with DEET or similar active ingredients, stay out of high grass and woods, and wear clothing that covers your body. If you live in a wooded area, however, you know that it can be difficult to stay away from ticks—and that pets will get tick bites, too. Blue Chip can treat your property and the surrounding area to reduce the number of ticks near your Maryland Heights home.

Wildlife Pest Problems

You’ve probably learned that raccoons can find a way to climb into garbage cans, tear through a garbage bag and eat most of the contents in a night, leaving your yard in disarray. (Plus, you’ll have a lot to clean up.) Birds such as starlings and pigeon carry disease in their nests and their droppings. Voles and moles cause permanent damage to lawns and shrubbery. Mice and rat droppings can be diseased and can easily find their way into your home and eat your food. While many homes are close to woods and wildlife, Blue Chip knows how to control the wildlife population in and around your Maryland Heights yard and can keep creatures at bay or eliminate them all together.

Call Blue Chip today for reliable, safe pest control services for your home or your business. We have decades of experience, trained staff, and the right equipment and products to rid your property of pests.

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I have been with blue chip for quite a while, and they have never disappointed. Anytime I have any type of problem whatsoever I make a quick and easy phone call and they respond almost immediately. I don't think I have ever waited more than a day or two when I really needed to have somebody out. Their technicians are very professional and very thorough. I would so recommend blue-chip to my friends and family and anybody else that will listen to me.
jim ledbetter
20:33 21 Jul 17
Tony came to my home and inspected for bugs. We suspected brown recluses and were correct. He informed me of their habits and what to expect and then did a thorough spray of two different chemicals and then glue traps to leave behind. He also left glue traps for me to use in his absence. I was Very pleased with how thorough and informative he was for me.
Amanda Raye
22:35 11 Jul 17
Very happy with their service. The people who show up are always friendly and knowledgeable. They explain how they are going to solve any problems we are having.
Susan Lopez
14:25 24 Oct 17
I have had a few interactions with Blue Chip. After purchasing a 20+ year old home, we have discovered some insect and potential rodent problems. Blue Chip has come out on the same day, or within a day, to help address every concern. Each technician has been professional, courteous, and prompt. Thank you!
Kyle, Mary, Gwendolynn, Fletcher Chasteen
12:03 06 Sep 17
Antony is the best- he has helped me two years in a row. Personable yet professional. He really knows what he is doing and pays great attention to detail. I would've never known where the ants were coming from but he investigates until he finds the source. I like how blue chip has a 30 day guarantee in case any ants pop up after he leaves. Haven't had a problem with this though. Highly recommend this company!
Joanne Sumner
17:14 20 May 17
Awesome!!! Great experience from the start with my telephone communication and help from Vanessa. Well knowledgeable , professional and courteous technician. As a new customer, it is hard to be optimistic with what to expect. Jake was our technician. He treated us with respect. It was like he was part of the family. I HIGHLY recommend Blue Chip.
Pete Trefiletti
00:00 19 Jun 17
I manage an apartment complex that blue chip is contracted with. It started off rocky, due to lack of having the same technician that knew the ongoing issues. Now that we've had a consistent technician that comes to us bi-weekly it's been an amazing working relationship. Our technician is knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. Previously I was told to call a rival company for bedbug inspections as well, their inspector was more efficient too. We've had nothing but awesome experiences with all of their technicians and the billing department as well. Highly recommended in all aspects.
Ashley L
00:00 19 Apr 17
We had a rodent problem. We tried Orkin first, but they only left snap and glue traps around the house. The problem got worse, and they were hardly able to trap anything. Blue Chip's mouse bait took care of our rodent problem quickly, and was safe to use around our pets unlike the stuff you buy at the store. In my personal experience, the customer service representatives haven't always been the most helpful, but the technicians know what they are doing and totally make up for it. I've only seen a mouse once or twice since we started with blue chip, and they've always come right out to fix it for no additional charge.
Corinna Sanders
00:00 19 Aug 17
Great service they send out technicians every 6 months and then I don't have to worry. Highly recommend & all their staff are very nice & professional.
Anne Kasal
00:00 19 Sep 17
We called today with ant and spider problems. The tech David was sent out by 10am and took care of both issues quickly and professionally!!!! He showed us where the problems were and took the time advising us what happened to cause these bug problems...We appreciate the excellent customer service David S. Gave us today!!
Sharon Mucci
00:00 19 Aug 17
I have been very happy with their service and products.
Julia Jones
00:00 19 Aug 17
Our service was great! Jake showed up on time, explained everything he was going to do and was very knowledgeable about everything. He then told us about the plans you offer and recommended how often we should get service and set it up. I would happily recommend this company to anyone.
Tiffany Kohne
00:00 19 Mar 17
Tony and Chris were absolutely amazing!!! Very professional and informed me of their plans during my initial visit. They left me with instructions on how to increase the effectiveness of their services. Will recommend Blue Chip for yearly maintainance for pest control, they give you the peace of mind that your home is taken care of in the area of pest control.
Angela Moore
17:34 09 Jan 18
These guys are EFFECTIVE, accommodating, friendly, and simply a pleasure to work with. They take care of our office and our home! We love them!
Christopher Young
23:23 14 Jan 18
Dave was very professional and thorough in treating our residence for pests. I highly recommend him and Blue Chip for your pest control needs.
Ken Miller
00:56 21 Jan 18
Dave Stout was our technician today, 2/20/18. Called ahead per my request and arrived on time. Very courtesous and friendly and organized. Got the treatment completed quickly, both inside and out. I am very happy with his service.Laurie Phillips
19:49 20 Feb 18