Pest Control Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights

Protection from annoying and possibly dangerous pests is important to homeowners. No one wants insects and wildlife in and around their home and yard, disturbing their days and evenings. Blue Chip has decades of experience helping both home and business owners in Maryland Heights keep their families and customers safe.

Residential Pest Control in Maryland Heights

Our residential pest control programs are safe, fast, and effective.

We are experts in locating and eliminating pests that include:
Insects like bedbugs, ants, termites, mosquitoes, stinging insects (hornets, wasps and bees), and fleas and ticks.

Wildlife including:
raccoons, rodents, birds, voles, mice, and moles.

Our staff and technicians are specially trained through a series of courses, on-the-job experience, and assessments to ensure that they are ready to treat and eliminate any pest in or near your home. You want to keep your family safe, and we want to help you. Call us if you suspect that you have a pest control problem. We’ll come right out and take care of it.

Tick Control Measures

There are several species of ticks in the state of Missouri. They can carry and transmit diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Several years ago, ticks caused serious illness among several people in Missouri. To prevent tick bites, you should use bug repellant with DEET or similar active ingredients, stay out of high grass and woods, and wear clothing that covers your body. If you live in a wooded area, however, you know that it can be difficult to stay away from ticks—and that pets will get tick bites, too. Blue Chip can treat your property and the surrounding area to reduce the number of ticks near your Maryland Heights home.

Wildlife Pest Problems

You’ve probably learned that raccoons can find a way to climb into garbage cans, tear through a garbage bag and eat most of the contents in a night, leaving your yard in disarray. (Plus, you’ll have a lot to clean up.) Birds such as starlings and pigeon carry disease in their nests and their droppings. Voles and moles cause permanent damage to lawns and shrubbery. Mice and rat droppings can be diseased and can easily find their way into your home and eat your food. While many homes are close to woods and wildlife, Blue Chip knows how to control the wildlife population in and around your Maryland Heights yard and can keep creatures at bay or eliminate them all together.

Call Blue Chip today for reliable, safe pest control services for your home or your business. We have decades of experience, trained staff, and the right equipment and products to rid your property of pests.

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