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Mole February 18, 2017

They will feed on insect they come across in the soil but earth worms make up most of their diet. They are very territorial and do not share their runs with any other mole.

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Opossum February 18, 2017

Opossums are the largest marsupials in the western hemisphere. Opossums are cat sized animals. They are omnivores and tend to be nocturnal under most circumstances.

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Skunk February 18, 2017

The adult can range in size from 20-28 inch inlength and weighs between 4-10 lbs. They are omnivores and have very few natural enemies. They breed in February – April and give birth in May – July.

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Chipmunk February 18, 2017

The adult chipmunk is 5 to 6 inches and weighs about 3 ounces. They eat nuts, seeds, berries and insects. They typically have their first of two litters in early spring.

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BATS February 18, 2017

They adult range in size from 8-10 inches and only weigh about ¼ of an ounce. They are nocturnal and feed on insects. They use Echolocate to find their prey.

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Squirrel February 18, 2017

On average, an adult squirrel is about 10” from head to tail and weighs about 1 lb. They feed on nuts seeds, berries and plant buds/bark. The first litter is born in late February or March. They give birth to about 3-4 on average.

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Rat February 6, 2017

Rat Photo

These rodents are not commonly found in homes, but are a major concern in urban and industrial areas. They can do significant damage to food products as well as destroying property. These pests are carriers of disease and are a serious health threat. They can enter a home through a hole the size of a quarter, and can flatten their body to an opening the size of their head.

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Carpenter Bee February 6, 2017

Carpenter Bee Photo

They are not social insects and typically live alone. These pests create circle shaped holes usually on the undersides of wood pieces. They use their abdomen to drill into the wood surface a distance equal to her body length. The bee then makes a right angle turn and runs parallel to the grain of the wood up to a distance of 4 – 6 inches typically. They prefer usually weathered and/or unpainted wood pieces, and will usually target cedar or redwood timbers.

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Honey Bee February 6, 2017

Honey Bee Photo

Honey Bee colonies consist of a Queen, Worker and Drones. Bees communicate with each other by movement and pheromones. They are responsible with pollinating approx. 80% of all fruit, vegetable and seed crops in the US. Honey bees are the only insects that produce food for humans.

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Wasp February 6, 2017

Wasp Photo

They get their name from the paper like materials that they use to construct their nests. The comb nests are hung from twigs and branches, porch ceilings, soffits, caves, window and doorframes and almost any protected area. They are usually not aggressive and more of a nuisance insect.

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Clover Mites February 6, 2017

Clover Mite Pest ID Photo

These mites are commonly found in early to late spring. They feed on plants and grasses. They tend to infest healthy lawns that get regular water and fertilizer promoting plants growth which they feed upon. Do to their small size, they can gain entry into an home/business no matter how well it is sealed. These pests are harmless once inside a building and will quickly die.

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Termite February 6, 2017

Termite Pest ID Photo

There are several types of termites, which may be found in and around homes. Two of these are the worker and the swarmers. The major difference in these termites is that these termites have wings that are transparent. These wings lay over themselves and are roughly twice the length of the body. Termite swarmers can often be confused with ant swarmers. The main difference is the termite has straight antennas and the ant has elbowed antennae. Termites have two pairs of wings in equal length and the ant’s second pair of wings is smaller. The termite has a broad waist while the ant has a slender waist.

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Yellow Jacket February 2, 2017

Nickname: ground bee, garbage bee, hornet Recognition: Yellow Jackets are bright yellow and black stinging insects. They are approx. 1/2″ in size. The typically nest in the ground but can also take advantage of a hole on a structure too. Biology: They are a very aggressive social pest. If you get to close to the … Continue reading “Yellow Jacket”

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Insect February 2, 2017

What we can do: Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out. Click here for more information.

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Wasp February 2, 2017

Recognition: Usually 5/8” to 3/4 “ in length. They are brownish with yellow markings. They are semi-social insects that live in relatively small to moderate size colonies. Biology: They get their name from the paper like materials that they use to construct their nests. The comb nests are hung from twigs and branches, porch ceilings, … Continue reading “Wasp”

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Vole February 2, 2017

Vole Photo

A Vole is very similar in size and color as a House mouse.  They are also called a Field mouse.  Most people realize they have them when they see their run on the surface of the grass or broom sized holes in the planter beds or along the foundation.

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Tick February 2, 2017

Tick Pest ID Photo

Ticks tend to live in areas of brush, tall grasses and woods.  They are blood feeders and must consume a blood meal to lay eggs.  All life stages of the tick feed on blood.  They can be carrier of diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and so on.

There are lots of species of ticks.  Luckily, they all look alike for the most part except for some markings and colorations.  Most tend to be brown to black in color.

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Termite February 2, 2017

Termite Pest ID Photo

There are several types of termites, which may be found in and around homes. Two of these are the worker and the swarmers. The major difference in these termites is that these termites have wings that are transparent. These wings lay over themselves and are roughly twice the length of the body. Termite swarmers can often be confused with ant swarmers. The main difference is the termite has straight antennas and the ant has elbowed antennae. Termites have two pairs of wings in equal length and the ant’s second pair of wings is smaller. The termite has a broad waist while the ant has a slender waist.

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Starlings / Sparrows February 2, 2017

Both birds are found worldwide. Breeding can occur anytime of the year but most occurs between March and November.

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Springtails February 2, 2017

Springtail Pest ID Photo

Springtails are commonly found in early to late spring. They feed on plants and grasses. They tend to infest healthy lawns that get regular water and fertilizer promoting plants growth which they feed upon. Do to their small size, they can gain entry into an home/business no matter how well it is sealed. These pests are harmless once inside a building and will quickly die.

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Silverfish February 2, 2017

Silverfish Pest ID Photo

These pests may infest any part of the home. They will generally be found in attics and basements, but can be found in kitchens, baths, and even cedar shake roofs. They can survive for weeks without food and water, but actively look for food sources. They can feed off of paper, wallpaper and wallpaper paste, and some species will eat rayon, artificial silk, and linen.

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Rat February 2, 2017

Recognition: They are the largest of common rodents. They are 7” to 9 1/2 “ in length and weigh approximately 1-18 ounces.Signs of Infestation: Things to look for when determining a problem: Gnaw marks Droppings Rub marks on walls of known pathways Burrows (inside in insulation or clothes, outside in ground or mulch) Damaged goods … Continue reading “Rat”

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Raccoon February 2, 2017

Raccoon Pest ID Photo

The raccoon is a stocky mammal about 2 to 3 feet long and can weigh approx. 10 to 30 lbs. It is distinctively marked, with a prominent black “mask” over the eyes and a heavily furred, ringed tail. It is salt-and-pepper gray and black in color. They are also called Coons.

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Pill Bug February 2, 2017

Pillbugs Pest ID Photo

These bugs require high amounts of moisture, and are generally found in damp areas such as mulch beds, under rocks, and near gutter downspouts. They are not active in times of high temperatures because they will de-hydrate. They will occasionally enter homes through door thresholds, especially sliding doors on ground level. They feed on rotting plant matter and decaying animals.

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Pigeon February 2, 2017

Pidgeon Pest ID Photo

Pigeons are large plump birds that are blueish grey to black in color. Most people associate this bird with city buildings or a city park (think of Home Alone 2 with the lady in Central Park feeding the birds). Some people also call them Rock Doves.

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Pharaoh Ant February 2, 2017

Pharoah Ant Pest ID Photo

Workers are small, only 2mm long; it is one of the smallest ants you’ll encounter in Missouri. They are light yellow in color with darker marking on the body. Because of their small size, they can get into the tiniest of cracks and crevices and enter any structure..

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Pavement Ant February 2, 2017

Pavement Ant Pest ID Photo

Pavement Ants are mainly exterior pests, coming into homes for food and water. Many of the Ants you will see inside are simply foraging for these things. These ants live in colonies of 3000 – 4000 ants. They will occasionally nest indoors in wall voids and behind insulation.

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Oriental Cockroach February 2, 2017

Oriental Roach Pest ID Photo

These insects are very nocturnal and spend most of their time hiding in cracks and crevices. They prefer moist areas and small spaces without much light. This makes them very hard to find and even more difficult to control. They are generally introduced into homes and businesses through foundation cracks, expansion joints, under siding or through gaps in foundation that allow utilities to enter. They will eat a variety of things from starches, decaying organic material to garbage.

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Odorous House Ant February 2, 2017

Odorous House Ant Pest ID Photo

Colonies may be composed of several hundred to 10,000 ants. Inside, these ants usually construct their nests in wall voids, many times in close proximity to food and water sources such as the kitchen and bathroom. These ants prefer sweets, but also eat foods with high protein content and grease.

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Mouse February 2, 2017

Mouse Pest ID Photo

These pests are some of the most common found in and around homes. They are generally 2” to 3.5” in length head and body only. They are light brown to gray in color with small eyes and large ears. Deer mice will generally have a white patch on their underside, and will be a little larger in size. Mouse droppings are generally 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch in length with pointed ends.

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Mosquito February 2, 2017

Mosquito Pest ID Photo

These pests breed in ponds, lakes, and any standing water. They have a short reproductive cycle which allows them to become a problem very quickly. They are most active around dusk, and are strongly attracted to light, body heat, and Carbon Dioxide. Only the female mosquito actually bites, and that is right before she is about to lay eggs. These pests are carriers of many diseases and other parasites, most notably the West Nile Virus.

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Millipede February 2, 2017

Millipede Pest ID Photo

Adults are about 1/16” to 4 ½” long. Usually cylindrical in shape and worm-like in appearance. Most body segments bear 2 pairs of legs, except first 3-4 segments and last 1-3 segments.

Millipedes have high moisture needs. They are often found in decaying vegetation such as under trash, piles of grass clippings, mulch and leaf litter.

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Lady Bug February 2, 2017

Nickname: Asian lady beetle, lady beetle, lady bird Recognition: Adults are generally about 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch in length. They can appear in such colors as red, yellow, brown and black. They will sometimes have spots, which can be a variety of colors. Biology: These pests are simply a nuisance; they do no harm … Continue reading “Lady Bug”

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Indian Meal Moth February 2, 2017

Indian Meal Moth Pest ID Photo

These pests are grain feeders who will attack a variety of foods such as; pasta, flour, cereals, dog food, dried fruits, and chocolate. They are generally found in the pantry or kitchen area, where above foods are stored. The most common way in which they are introduced into the home is through birdseed. It is uncooked and may carry larvae, eggs, or adults. It is best to buy seed in small quantities and freeze when possible for long-term storage. These moths may also enter through infested product from your grocer. Check above listed items carefully for cocoons, live insects, or damage packaging. Generally, the longer something sits on the shelf the more susceptible it becomes.

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House Fly February 2, 2017

House Fly Pest ID Photo

This is the most common fly to be found in this area. They are usually 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch long and dull gray in color. They have clear wings that are longer than their body, and protruding eyes, which are quite noticeable.

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House Borer February 2, 2017

House Borer Pest ID Photo

These beetles are black to gray in color and are 5/8 to 1 inch in length. They feed and live in wood.

Adult beetles emerge in summer to mate. The female then lays the eggs in bark or on lumber. The larva stage can then last up to 5 – 7 year before they pupate into an adult.

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Hornet February 2, 2017

Hornet Pest ID Photo

Hornets are black and white stinging insects. They are approx. 1/2 – 5/8″ in size. They make aerial nest in tree limbs and on the side of structures.

They are a very aggressive social pest. If you get to close to the nest or accidently disturb it, they will swarm you in numbers and aggressively sting you.

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German Cockroach February 1, 2017

German Roach Pest ID Photo

These insects are very nocturnal and spend most of their time hiding in cracks and crevices. They prefer moist areas and small spaces without much light. This makes them very hard to find and even more difficult to control. They are generally introduced into homes and businesses through paper products. They will eat a variety of things from glue to tooth paste to everyday foods.

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Flea February 1, 2017

Flea Pest ID Photo

These fleas will attack all types of animals, cats and dogs especially. Once they feed on a host they will then lay 4 – 8 eggs after each feeding, up to about 500 in their lifetime. These eggs hatch in approximately 7 – 10 days. These fleas can transmit disease and tapeworms.

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Earwig February 1, 2017

Earwig Pest ID Photo

The adult Earwig is about 5/8” long and dark brown (reddish hue) in color. They have forceps at the end of their bodies that use to grasp prey. They have functional wings but rarely fly.

Earwigs feed on insects, plants (fruits) and garbage. They typically are found in mulch or behind loose bark on trees.

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Cricket February 1, 2017

Cricket Pest ID Photo

Camel crickets are ¼” to 1 ¼” in length, light to dark brown, hump-backed appearance

Adults overwinter are typically found in cool, moist areas, such as under mulch, stones, woodpiles, and debris. They are nocturnal and like dark moist areas.

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Clover Mites February 1, 2017

Recognition: These are very small mites. They are reddish in color and are about 80mm in size. They are oval shaped and a pair of antenna. Often leave a stain when crushed (smeared). Biology: These mites are commonly found in early to late spring. They feed on plants and grasses. They tend to infest healthy … Continue reading “Clover Mites”

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Cloths Moths February 1, 2017

Nickname: webbing moth, casemaking moth Recognition: These moths are golden in color with reddish-golden hairs on the top of its head. They are considered to be weak flyers and are not attracted to light. They are approx.1/4” in length. Biology: Moths go through a complete life cycle with all the damage coming from the larvae … Continue reading “Cloths Moths”

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Centipede February 1, 2017

Centipede Pest ID Photo

½” to 1 ¼” long.Two body regions and wormlike. 15 or more pairs of legs arranged 1 per body segment. They are flattened in appearance.

Over winter outdoors and lay eggs usually in soil. They may live as long as one year. They prey upon soft bodied insects.

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Carpenter Ant February 1, 2017

Black Carpenter Ant Pest ID Photo

Carpenter ants live in colonies ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 ants.  They have are not all the same size, they can range from 1/4 – 5/8 in length.  In Missouri, they are the largest black ant.  Their main nest will generally be in trees or landscape timbers outside.  From there they will forage indoor looking for food and water, and sometimes establishing a satellite colony.  This will most often occur in areas of high moisture like windows or door, and bathrooms or kitchens.

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Brown Recluse Spider February 1, 2017

Brown Recluse Pest ID Photo

Keep your basement free of debris and clutter.  Remove all cardboard boxes and store items in a sealed plastic tote. On the exterior, relocate wood piles and compost piles to far edge of yard, remove old piles of leaves along the house and caulk any cracks. Make sure all doors and windows are well fitted.  Wear gloves when working in areas that have Brown Recluse issues.

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Box Elder Bug February 1, 2017

Box Elder Pest ID Photo

Adults primarily have black body with reddish orange markings and young adults are red and black body. Nymphs are primarily red. The adults are approximately 1/2 inch in length. They have wings and are good flyers.

Overwintering adults emerge from hibernation typically late April, early May. Primary host plant boxelder trees, but may occur on silver maples.

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Black Widow Spider February 1, 2017

Black Widow Pest ID Photo

These spiders are the most dangerous spider in the US. They are considered to be an outside spider mainly as they rarely infest inside homes/business. These pests do live outdoors most of the time in dense vegetation and under rocks. They are one of the few spiders that have a bite which can be dangerous to humans.

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American Cockroach February 1, 2017

American Roach Pest ID Photo

These roaches will live in a variety of areas, but do prefer high humidity and a close food source. They are nocturnal and will spend much of their time in hiding. A female that can lie up to 16 eggs at a time will spend 90% of her time in cracks and crevices. Usually found in basements, crawl spaces, storage areas, and other dark and damp spaces. During summer months they can be found outdoors in yards and alleys, this is the most common species found in city sewers.

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I have been with blue chip for quite a while, and they have never disappointed. Anytime I have any type of problem whatsoever I make a quick and easy phone call and they respond almost immediately. I don't think I have ever waited more than a day or two when I really needed to have somebody out. Their technicians are very professional and very thorough. I would so recommend blue-chip to my friends and family and anybody else that will listen to me.
jim ledbetter
20:33 21 Jul 17
Tony came to my home and inspected for bugs. We suspected brown recluses and were correct. He informed me of their habits and what to expect and then did a thorough spray of two different chemicals and then glue traps to leave behind. He also left glue traps for me to use in his absence. I was Very pleased with how thorough and informative he was for me.
Amanda Raye
22:35 11 Jul 17
Very happy with their service. The people who show up are always friendly and knowledgeable. They explain how they are going to solve any problems we are having.
Susan Lopez
14:25 24 Oct 17
I have had a few interactions with Blue Chip. After purchasing a 20+ year old home, we have discovered some insect and potential rodent problems. Blue Chip has come out on the same day, or within a day, to help address every concern. Each technician has been professional, courteous, and prompt. Thank you!
Kyle, Mary, Gwendolynn, Fletcher Chasteen
12:03 06 Sep 17
Antony is the best- he has helped me two years in a row. Personable yet professional. He really knows what he is doing and pays great attention to detail. I would've never known where the ants were coming from but he investigates until he finds the source. I like how blue chip has a 30 day guarantee in case any ants pop up after he leaves. Haven't had a problem with this though. Highly recommend this company!
Joanne Sumner
17:14 20 May 17
Awesome!!! Great experience from the start with my telephone communication and help from Vanessa. Well knowledgeable , professional and courteous technician. As a new customer, it is hard to be optimistic with what to expect. Jake was our technician. He treated us with respect. It was like he was part of the family. I HIGHLY recommend Blue Chip.
Pete Trefiletti
00:00 19 Jun 17
I manage an apartment complex that blue chip is contracted with. It started off rocky, due to lack of having the same technician that knew the ongoing issues. Now that we've had a consistent technician that comes to us bi-weekly it's been an amazing working relationship. Our technician is knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. Previously I was told to call a rival company for bedbug inspections as well, their inspector was more efficient too. We've had nothing but awesome experiences with all of their technicians and the billing department as well. Highly recommended in all aspects.
Ashley L
00:00 19 Apr 17
We had a rodent problem. We tried Orkin first, but they only left snap and glue traps around the house. The problem got worse, and they were hardly able to trap anything. Blue Chip's mouse bait took care of our rodent problem quickly, and was safe to use around our pets unlike the stuff you buy at the store. In my personal experience, the customer service representatives haven't always been the most helpful, but the technicians know what they are doing and totally make up for it. I've only seen a mouse once or twice since we started with blue chip, and they've always come right out to fix it for no additional charge.
Corinna Sanders
00:00 19 Aug 17
Great service they send out technicians every 6 months and then I don't have to worry. Highly recommend & all their staff are very nice & professional.
Anne Kasal
00:00 19 Sep 17
We called today with ant and spider problems. The tech David was sent out by 10am and took care of both issues quickly and professionally!!!! He showed us where the problems were and took the time advising us what happened to cause these bug problems...We appreciate the excellent customer service David S. Gave us today!!
Sharon Mucci
00:00 19 Aug 17
I have been very happy with their service and products.
Julia Jones
00:00 19 Aug 17
Our service was great! Jake showed up on time, explained everything he was going to do and was very knowledgeable about everything. He then told us about the plans you offer and recommended how often we should get service and set it up. I would happily recommend this company to anyone.
Tiffany Kohne
00:00 19 Mar 17
Tony and Chris were absolutely amazing!!! Very professional and informed me of their plans during my initial visit. They left me with instructions on how to increase the effectiveness of their services. Will recommend Blue Chip for yearly maintainance for pest control, they give you the peace of mind that your home is taken care of in the area of pest control.
Angela Moore
17:34 09 Jan 18
These guys are EFFECTIVE, accommodating, friendly, and simply a pleasure to work with. They take care of our office and our home! We love them!
Christopher Young
23:23 14 Jan 18
Dave was very professional and thorough in treating our residence for pests. I highly recommend him and Blue Chip for your pest control needs.
Ken Miller
00:56 21 Jan 18
Dave Stout was our technician today, 2/20/18. Called ahead per my request and arrived on time. Very courtesous and friendly and organized. Got the treatment completed quickly, both inside and out. I am very happy with his service.Laurie Phillips
19:49 20 Feb 18
Friendly and professional service! I have definitely noticed a difference (reduced amount) of bugs in our basement. Highly recommend their services!
Meaghan Goodman
14:58 28 Mar 18
This was only my second service but both technicians have been friendly, courteous, and thorough. They’ve taken time to explain things and make suggestions for the future. I’m very pleased that I made the change to Blue Chip Pest Services.
Karen Perrone
21:45 02 Apr 18
Blue chip representative Chris Emery was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained what he was going to do and why. He suggested ways to better protect my house from pests such as clearing leaves and to consider using a dehumidifier in my cellar.
Jessica Sneed
20:02 10 Apr 18
Doug is phenomenal! He is friendly, gets the job done and always addresses our bug issues. I would highly recommend Blue Chip Services to any business!
Kathryn Frey
14:44 24 Apr 18
Tony was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They were at my house in less than 24 hours! Top notch!
Doug Simpson
15:09 28 Apr 18
Very knowledgeable. Explained everything very thoroughly. Highly recommend.
Cindy Gaddis
20:15 24 May 18
Steve was professional and patiently answered the many questions I had. He did a very thorough job. Thank you for protecting myself & 2 cats from any pests!
Pamela Fritzius
14:39 02 Jun 18
Very professional and efficient, would highly recommend. They showed up on time and did a thorough review of the entire home for signs of pests. They gave suggestions for future prevention of pests.
Mark Wilkinson
12:20 07 Jun 18
Great friendly service! Very knowledgeable definitely recommended. Will use again! Ask for Steve!
Christina Bahr
18:20 16 Jun 18
Very knowledgeable, & quick service. Our tech Steven was very informative. Overall great experience, we look forward to our quartly service.
Michelle Hanock
13:48 03 Jul 18
Nate was awesome. Blue Chip came quickly (same day!) & Nate didn't try to oversell or even up sell, honestly. He spent about an hour going in & around everything & gave me suggestions on next steps. Super friendly & thorough. Loved them!
Rebecca Skinner
22:26 03 Jul 18
I’m very happy with blue chip! The staff are most knowledgeable & informative!
pat kersten
20:15 24 Jul 18
We have been EXTREMELY pleased with pest control from Blue Chip for over 20 years. There just awesome and very professional service techs. Thanks always for a job well done.Sincerely, Steve Dickinson
Steve Dickinson
14:44 22 Aug 18
Ok, been trying to kill a hornets nest for about a week. Spent approximately $20 on 4 different products. The nest was probably about 20 ft up the side of house between our chimney and roof. I sprayed at it almost every day, only one product really reached and I was able cover the nest with the foam twice during the week. The hornets made a little more movement but I never seen one hornet die. Came back to check the nest the next day and they were coming and going just as they had been. So I finally started calling around to find a hornet nest remover. Some company's wanted to sell me a package, the prices were around $500. I kept telling them I just want the hornets nest removed, they would not relinquish the treatment program. Some places I called never answered or I had leave a voicemail. Finally Blue Chip answered and I spoke to a Vanessa, this was on a Thursday. She sent me a email for me to send her some pictures to help her put together a quote. She called me back the next day with a price of $160. She also said their guy could be there between 4 and 6 that same day, and that he would call me 30 minutes out.The removalTony, called me around 5 and arrived around 530. Remember I could not even get the hornets to even get upset when I tried spraying them. Well, would not have believed it if I was not there to see it myself, but when Tony got out of his truck and we walked over to the fence that I had sprayed at the nest at least 5 times these hornets started dive bombing us to the point I got stung in the head. It was like the hornets knew why he was there. I then decided to watch from inside the house😊He suited up and with an array of tools he killed every hornet, showed me the nest that fell. He was very thourough, polite, best of all he was more than helpful in giving me product names and suggestions so that this does not happen again.Could not recommend a company moreNote:My daughter gave me a hard time afterward as I was talking about Tony like he was a super hero. I guess he kind of was, like Bat Man, the villains know who he is, and when he is coming near they attack, and instead of utility belt he had his utility truck😉 The super hero status was also enhanced from him being from South Africa and having cool bug story's he told my whole family in his South African accent. In either way, it was worth every penny👍
tom berning
14:18 08 Sep 18
Highly recommend! I am not one to normally write a review, but the customer service from Pest Control Technician Jake W. was great! Jake went above an beyond and I will continue to do business in the future because of Jake's willingness to educate us on brown recluse and how detailed he was when it came to treating our home. Blue Chip was not the cheapest out there, but I can see why after they treated my home like it was one of their own. Whoever reads this at Blue Chip, I highly recommend you utilize Jakes customer service and professionalism to train other techs. He is a huge asset to the company and look forward to working with him in the future.
Robert Gamblin
16:42 19 Sep 18
I just wanted to take a quick minute to email that our service technician Chris Emery is doing a fantastic job at our numerous locations. The professional pest control services that he performs at our numerous locations have been very effective. Blue Chip, and especially Chris, have received high praise during many of the audits performed at our facility. Lastly, I just want to say, "Job Well Done," to Chris and the Blue Chip staff. Thank you!!Shane M. StockOperations ManagerTank Trailer Cleaning, Inc.
Shane Stock
21:21 26 Sep 18
We were having a problem with wasps inside our home, so we called Blue Chip and they were able to send out a technician the same day. Very appreciative. We will be using them going forward.
Kim Boothman
20:54 06 Oct 18
I am an existing customer for the external service. Just had Joe come check our house after the family showed up with weird bites. Found some spiders and a beetle, but no infestations. Very courteous and helpful and showed me pictures and told me what to expect. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!
Jeff Korte
15:39 09 Oct 18
Chris was very nice and professional. Did the job quickly and efficiently.
Mike A
15:44 25 Jan 19
Technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. They listen to any concerns I may have and offer solutions. I am glad I chose this company for my pest control needs.
17:12 26 Jan 19
The young man who came out to spray the yard was very courteous,and knowledgable. It is such a pleasure for an elderly person to beshown respect.I will always do business with you as long as you employ people who are comparable to Nate.Thank You.
Shirley Worley
15:41 04 Feb 19
After a lengthy absence of service we returned to Blue Chip for the buildings pest control. To date the issues with little visitors has drastically decreased. The techs have completed their rounds without disruption of the regular office activities. And since I am not taking daily calls or emails about mice I see this as a win-win!
Aj Fleming
21:09 07 Feb 19
Incredible customer service and very informative! Would recommend this company. Haven’t had the services yet but am looking forward to it!
Sam Mcbride
18:42 08 Feb 19
Friendly, professional and polite. Always asks if we have any additional issues or have seen anything above and beyond the norm. Takes the time to greet us.
Roy Wunsch
18:57 11 Feb 19
Very happy with the service they provide. Nate always checks in with me while he is here and is always willing to go the extra step to be sure we don't have any issues. An added plus is that he is very polite and respectful. Kuddo's to Blue Chip for snagging a great employee!
Terrie Jordan
15:41 21 Feb 19
Cory is awesome! He is also very professional and personable every time I see him. No complaints about the service either! I’m overall very happy with Blue Chip.
Ray Wehrle
22:39 25 Feb 19
Firehouse Subs Chesterfield, MOOur guy Cory Zimmerman does an outstanding, very thorough job.He always ask if we have any issues and clearly explains what maintenance and follow service he is performing. Friendly personality also. We have no complaints! 5 STAR! Tim Donahue Asst. Manager
Chesterfield Crossing 0684
16:05 26 Feb 19
Works fast and always courteous. When going into an occupied office he always knocks and asks if he can come in to spray. Also turns the lights out when he's done in the rooms unoccupied that he's sprayed. His consideration is much appreciated.
Mona Tahghighi
17:28 26 Feb 19
Cory is always so great when he comes to our store! He checks everything and always makes sure we don’t have any problems. (Which we never have) they have great technicians!
Matthew Bullard
17:33 26 Feb 19
Cory and the team at Blue Chip are PHENOMENAL! They have been working with us at STAGES for a number of years and it is truly a wonderful partnership. Professional, hardworking, fantastic at what they do, and above all some of the friendliest people I have had the privilege to work with. They are the best!
Andrew Kuhlman
22:14 27 Feb 19
Thank you for sending Chris out for our routine service! He was wonderful! Chris was friendly and very knowledgeable. He answered all my crazy questions with a smile! Thanks Chris!
Stacey Dixon
17:43 04 Apr 19
We are with Blue Chip for years and never had a problem. Customer service and technicians are very professional, friendly and accomodating. I highly recommend them.
Edda Reviol
00:21 03 Apr 19
They are VERY friendly and helpful!! They make sure when they leave you are satisfied and you knew everything that in that time. highly recommend!
21:28 25 Apr 19
Very courteous and knowledgeable. Wish I would’ve called them years ago! I feel so much better knowing those dang pests aren’t coming back into my house.
Cori Dallas
02:10 27 Apr 19
Love blue chip pest control. They're there when you need them. They are ready to answer every question you have. Very reliable ( not easy to find ). Thanks to all of you guys!
flori r
01:14 02 May 19
Thank you Jake for giving me piece of mind regarding my mice issue. Very professional service - I will continue to use Blue Chip for all my pest control needs.
sharon conroy
15:54 24 Aug 19
Just wanted to say Thank you again for going above and beyond getting us on the schedule quickly. Our technician was super nice and informative. It was an overall good experience. We will continue to use Blue Chip every year.
Meagan Buol
23:30 12 Sep 19
Blue Chip has been an excellent service for us. Each of the exterminators who came out to do both inside and outside our house were kind and friendly and efficient and took the time to explain things to us. Our issue with mice is completely cleared up and has been since their second visit, and the number of insects in and around our home has decreased dramatically. I’d definitely recommend this service.
Kezia Nielsen
19:48 13 Sep 19
I have now had Blue Chip Pest Services at two different houses. The first house was an older home with lots of tiny openings for creepy crawlers and an attic that had uninvited visitor. Blue Chip was able to treat the attic and keep bugs and field mice out year round! My second house is a newer build and the thorough preventative service has ensured no problems. Matt H. is a very knowledgeable and thorough service provider.
John Fox
21:43 16 Sep 19
Would love to have Chris Emery as my full time tech. Very friendly and is very thorough in his work. I am very pleased with his service
Shane Bradley
18:47 25 Sep 19
Such an amazing company!! No mandatory contracts and so affordable!! The guys are always punctual and polite - they've take care of my moles, ants, wasps, voles and bird nests for me and it's been a truly reliable and awesome experience everytime. Their office employees always answer the phone and explain everything thoroughly. I could not recommend this company more for pest needs in JeffCo and the surrounding counties!! Definitely won't go elsewhere ever!
Jenny Belisle
19:11 01 Oct 19
The technician Matt, was personable, professional, informative and I will definitely request him again.He also wore shoe covers and came on time.Good experience, good company.
Nanette Stevenson
19:07 22 Oct 19
Great service. Technician was patient with all my questions. I appreciated the time Doug took to answer and put my mind at ease that my house wasn’t overrun by bugs and rodents. Would definitely recommend this company and technician!
Amy Kreidler
18:54 28 Oct 19
Great service, friendly employees, well informed service techs. They do everything they needed to make sure the job is done right and the customer is satisfied. Well worth the cost to keep your house pest and rodent free.
Tom Hemmer
20:27 01 Nov 19
The associates at Blue Chip have been diligent, thorough and very attentive to my concerns. Everyone I have spoken to or worked with, from the office to the technicians, have been courteous and very helpful. I was treated with respect and consideration. At no time did anyone make me feel foolish with my constant questions or concerns. They (everyone) are knowledgeable and very thorough, always answering my questions in detail to ensure that I understood what they were doing and why. I am glad I found this Company and will continue to use their services.
Sharon Shoemaker
00:35 06 Nov 19
The service representative was reliable, on time, and did a thorough job. I have used Blue Chip for over 10 years. I’ve never been disappointed. Susan
susan sundermeyer
19:32 07 Jan 20
I wish I had chose Blue Chip years ago. They are the best! I was with a previous company and all they did was give me the runaround and put me on a plan with unecessary things and took away services, argued with me on the phone sometimes. They were just plain rude. So I looked around and found Blue Chip! First service I had was a spider problem back in the fall and they took care of that which the other company couldn't take care of. Today, John came out and gave me my second service since we had a few other issues and he was very knowledgeable and very easy going and did things the previous company never dreamt of doing...I wish I had chose Blue Chip years ago! The price is about the same as previous company I've got with but these guys are way more professional and knowledgeable about their trade. Thank you John & Blue Chip! You won me over! Cheers
Kraig H
21:15 10 Jan 20
Landon does an outstanding job every time. He is professional and kind. If you need pest services, Landon with Blue Chip Pest Services is your guy. He has done our property for many years and I have NEVER been disappointed.
Laura Kersting
20:31 15 Jan 20
I started to write a novel on my prior experience with a pest control company provided to my dad by his realtor. But then I erased it and all you need to know is that Blue Chip Pest Services have provided me with EXCELLENT service. From the initial phone call to Jacob Williams coming out and explaining how he was going to treat our home it has been a blessing! This company will exceed your has exceeded mine! Thank you for taking care of us Blue Chip Pest Services! Looking so forward to you all taking care of maintaining our house year round!
pam johnson
05:13 25 Jan 20
Our first treatment today, our technician Matt H. was very knowledgeable and professional. finally feels like we may have a handle on who's/whats in our house. I would suggest Blue Chip to anyone needing any kind of wildlife/critter services. Thanks again Blue Chip and Matt!Happy to be a new member of the B.C familyA.G
16:49 31 Jan 20
Chris is very knowledgeable, efficient, observant & proactive... for example he noticed an area on our house by a pipe where a rodent could now get in -- an area we seldom look at. He quickly fixed it then just let us know. Also great about letting you know status of everything else. Always punctual. Personable and professional. Very satisfied with Blue Chip in general & Chris in particular.
Virginia Rice
21:31 31 Jan 20
John was very polite and arrived promptly at 8am. He explained everything he was going to do before and what the results would be after.He has been to our home before doing other treatments and he is always friendly yet professional.
Shari Schwarzen
14:56 10 Feb 20