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Earwig Pest ID Photo

Nickname: pincher bug


The adult Earwig is about 5/8” long and dark brown (reddish hue) in color. They have forceps at the end of their bodies that use to grasp prey. They have functional wings but rarely fly.


Earwigs feed on insects, plants (fruits) and garbage. They typically are found in mulch or behind loose bark on trees.

What you can do:

Earwigs prefer damp conditions. Running a dehumidifier in the basement will help deter these pests. On the outside, make sure water funnels way from your foundation keeping a less hospitable area for them. In extreme cases, remove mulch for rock in your planter beds. Insect granulars work well for this pest. The granular material will penetrate the first few inches of the soil where the eggs and immature stages hide.

What we can do:

On the inside, we will pay special attention to the basement, as this is generally the most humid area of the home. We will treat around the floor joists and also around the perimeter of the basement floor. On the exterior, we will treat around the perimeter of the home, under siding, around pipe and wire entrances, and areas of dense vegetation to create a barrier that will prevent them from entering in the first place. Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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