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They are the largest of common rodents. They are 7” to 9 1/2 “ in length and weigh approximately 1-18 ounces.Signs of Infestation: Things to look for when determining a problem:


These rodents are not commonly found in homes, but are a major concern in urban and industrial areas. They can do significant damage to food products as well as destroying property. These pests are carriers of disease and are a serious health threat. They can enter a home through a hole the size of a quarter, and can flatten their body to an opening the size of their head.

What you can do:

Control of these pests is similar to that of mice. Baiting, trapping and exclusion are methods commonly used. Sanitation needs to be considered. The best control is good sanitation and exclusion

Exclusion and sanitation are the keys to control. By excluding these pests other control measures will generally be unnecessary. It is important to close all gaps around the home such as around pipes and wires, between brick and siding, and exhaust fans and dryer vents. Plug holes in foundation walls with steel wool or copper mesh.

Sanitation, which is the other key component of control, is about removal of harborage sites. Storing bulk foods in mouse proof containers, keeping stored foods away from walls.

What we can do:

Our first objective is to get the rats currently inside your home. We will identify the areas that they are running or nesting in and place out a variety of devices to get gain quick results. Then we will identify how the rat(s) may have entered your home in the first place. Correcting this issue is key for future control. We will inspect the exterior for any other signs of rodent activity and install exterior bait stations so that any future rodents running around your home will be taken care of before they get in again.
Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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