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Vole Photo

Nickname: Meadow mouse


A Vole is very similar in size and color as a House mouse.  They are also called a Field mouse.  Most people realize they have them when they see their run on the surface of the grass or broom sized holes in the planter beds or along the foundation.


Voles are the most prolific rodent in the U.S.  They feed on insects and plants.  They can kill plants in gardens because they feed on the roots or bulbs of a plant.  It is not common for these rodents to infest a home because of their normal food source.

What you can do:

Just be observantof your exterior.  As soon as you start to notice small round holes in the yard or/and worn down runs in the grass is your time to act.  Burrow baiting directly in to their holes is the best method of attack.  Wait a week after baiting and close up the holes with dirt.  Any new holes that re-emerge, start the process all over again.

What we can do:

Since this is an outside pest, we focus most of attention to the exterior.  We will look for the openings and burrow bait.
Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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