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Usually 5/8” to 3/4 “ in length. They are brownish with yellow markings. They are semi-social insects that live in relatively small to moderate size colonies.


They get their name from the paper like materials that they use to construct their nests. The comb nests are hung from twigs and branches, porch ceilings, soffits, caves, window and doorframes and almost any protected area. They are usually not aggressive and more of a nuisance insect.

What you can do:

It is essential that adults be contacted and killed or they will rebuild quickly. For adults, use an appropriately labeled pesticide such as aerosol and do the application in the early morning or at night when most of the wasps will be on the nest. Remove the nest the following day.

What we can do:

We will inspect the exterior for any stinging insect nests. Once we have identified the areas of the nests will then apply a pesticide to kill them. The nest will remain in place to kill any other forging stinging insect upon their return. We then focus our attention to the rest of the exterior of the home using a variety of insecticides to prevent general crawling insects from gaining entry into your home. Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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