Raccoon Prevention

Are these pesky “masked bandits” tearing up your yard, tipping over your trashcans, and stealing bird seed out of the feeders right under your nose? Ready to put a stop to it?

If you’re looking for raccoon prevention, St. Louis-based Blue Chip offers this kind of pest control and more.


1 – Determine where they’re entering

Did you know that raccoons are excellent climbers and can open doors, bottles, and jars? Not only are they highly intelligent, they’re curious, which makes them destructive and dangerous. Raccoons have been known to carry diseases too, so don’t hesitate to call in for professional pest control if you see signs of these critters. The important thing is to seal entry points after removal has occurred.

2 – Eliminate their food sources

What does this mean?

  • Treat your yard for grubs: kill off the insects that raccoons love to eat
  • Seal all of your food in the pantry.
  • Clean up spills quickly so as not to attract unwanted visitors who will take this as an invitation.
  • Keep lids secured tightly on all pet food containers and do not feed your pets outside.
  • Keep your trashcans sealed tightly so that you aren’t inadvertently offering the critters a smorgasbord. Same goes for birdseed – keep it tightly stored in a container with a lid as opposed to just in the bag in the garage.

3 – Make a lot of noise

You may want to invest in an indoor/outdoor electronic repeller that amplifies sounds and displays flashing LED lights to scare away raccoons. This product is great for porches, patios, attics, garages, gardens—you name it.

4 – Keep the yard food and trash free

Raccoons are attracted to food. If they can’t find it in your yard, they will go looking elsewhere. However, if they do find a source, they’ll stubbornly never leave.

Remember to always clean up after your pet and store their food and your trash in seal tight containers. Prevention is key, but occasionally there will be a need for wildlife removal services.

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