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Trusted Pest Control For Your St. Louis Home

At Blue Chip Pest Services, our exterminators keep your residential property pest-free, year-round.

Your Residential Pest Control Specialists

Serving St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

In St. Louis, insects and pests are a problem for everyone. Whether you live in the city, the tree-lined streets of Webster Groves, or the wooded areas of Wildwood, pests are there waiting to get inside. The residential pest control experts at Blue Chip Pest Services can help keep you safe. With our proactive approach to pest control, we focus on solutions that not only help you rid your home of pests, but ensure that they don’t return. 

All of our programs are designed around a core principle of keeping pests out in the first place. With 50 years of experience, you can trust our residential exterminators will enlist the best methods to protect your family from pests year-round.

Worried About Termites?

Termites will feed on wood 24 hours a day, all year long. Protect your property by setting up an inspection for your property.

Transparent Services For Your Residential Property

At Blue Chip Pest Services, we pride ourselves on providing trustworthy services. When you contact Blue Chip for the first time, we will give you upfront pricing and options to not only have your problem solved, but to keep those problems away for good. A homeowner’s worst nightmare is discovering they’re living with pests, such as cockroaches, termites, or mice. We are committed year-round to stopping these discoveries from happening in the first place.

Bottom line: residential pest control services can greatly reduce the amount of time, stress, and money you may spend if trying your own DIY pest control solutions. This is why Blue Chip Pest Services is happy to provide effective, ongoing services to keep your property safe year-round.

Effective Residential Pest Control Services in St. Louis

Since 1971, Blue Chip Pest Services has been protecting homes with customized pest management solutions that focus on prevention, removal, and exclusion all backed by our guarantee: free of pests or free of charge! Our residential pest control services include the following steps to keep you safe:

  1. We’ll check in with you to see if you have experienced any problems or sightings since the last service visit.
  2. We’ll make a thorough inspection of your home looking for pest nests or entry points.
  3. We’ll make a prescriptive treatment of these areas with the best material to control the pest that has the lowest impact to you or the environment.
  4. We’ll inform you of conducive conditions around the home so that you prevent problems by addressing these critical areas.

You deserve a pest-free home—that starts with the residential pest control experts here at Blue Chip Pest Services.

St. Louis Pest Control Experts Since 1971

Residential Pest Control Serving St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

St. Louis | Chesterfield | Ballwin | St. Charles | Rock Hill

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