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What Should I Do If A Sentricon Station Cap Is Broken Or Missing?

Call us right away. We will be happy to replace it. If you are getting ready to do major work that may disrupt a large number of stations, give us a call first so that we may remove the stations first.

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Can I Service The Sentricon Stations Myself?

No. Since each station has active bait inside, monitoring of the stations must be done by an Authorized Operator. If you discontinue the service we are required to remove the stations and the bait inside them from the property.

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I Moved Into A Home With Existing Sentricon® Stations. What Should I Do?

If you are unable to find out who was servicing the stations previously, we are able to help abandoned homeowners protect their home. We make an effort to allow you to keep your home protected without having to start over with fees or service.

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Can Bait Stations Be Installed Indoors?

Yes. The Recruit® AG bait station is designed to be used against termite infestations above ground, under specific circumstances. If there is an active tunnel we can access, then in most cases we can place a station there. This is an option we will discuss with you upon inspection of the home and advise if…

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What Makes The Sentricon® System A Superior Product?

Alternative treatments are antiquated efforts to keep termites away, and can be very disruptive to your property and lifestyle. But the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is just that – an entire system that represents the very latest in termite science. It is an award-winning technology that takes advantage of natural termite behavior, using the…

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How Often Are The Bait Stations On My Property Checked And Managed?

Inspections are only required to be done once per year, however we check the status of the stations twice per year. We want to make sure that there is plenty of termite killing bait inside each station to protect your home.

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How Long Does The Sentricon® System Take To Start Working?

The Sentricon® System begins to work the moment it is introduced. However, depending on the size of the termite colony, it may take a series of months to control an entire termite colony population.

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Does The Sentricon® System Attract Termites?

No. The Sentricon System takes advantage of termites’ natural foraging behavior, so they will eventually find the stations. The bait in the system is a slow-acting killer. The termites will feed on the bait, take it back to the colony, and feed their nest mates. Eventually the termites will start dying off, but they will…

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Are Bed Bugs Real?

Yes. Bed bugs which were once eradicated in the United States have been around in other countries. They are back because they are very adept at piggybacking onto travelers and can go around the world in less than a day.

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Do Only Dirty People Get Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs can be found in all types of homes and hotels. Five star hotels are just as likely to get bed bugs as a one star. The cleanliness of the hotel or home has no bearing on whether or not bed bugs will infest.

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