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Why Do I See More Mice In The Fall And Winter?

Mice enter homes in the fall and winter months because their natural foods (insects, plants, and seeds) are in short supply. They are also attracted to the heat that escapes from buildings. Things like long grass, overgrown bushes, and piles of leaves provide an excellent home for mice to live in right next to your…

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Do You Accept Competitors’ Coupons?

We accept most competitors’ coupons, but only on initial services or termite control. There are a few that we do not accept, but feel free to ask when you call to see if the coupon can be accepted.

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Our Dog Found A Dead Mouse In The Yard. Should I Be Concerned With Secondary Poisoning Because The Mouse Might Have Eaten From The Rodent Bait Stations?

No. The materials we sell and use to service around your home will not accumulate to dangerous levels inside a mouse or other rodent. In general, these pests require only a single feeding for control, which would not be enough to harm larger pets.

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Every Fall And Spring, I Get An Influx Of Ladybugs. What Can I Do?

These pests are simply trying to stay warm inside your walls and home over the winter. Control of these pests starts in the fall. You should seal as many cracks and crevices as possible around windows and doors and under siding. A residual treatment around these areas also will help kill any that find a…

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I Haven’t Seen Any Problems Since You Began Regular Service, Do I Really Need To Keep A Regular Program?

The reason you haven’t seen any problems is because of our regular service. By treating your home on a regular basis, we maintain a barrier that keeps pests out, so you don’t see them. If service was stopped, we’re sure that pest activity would increase.

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I Saw A Mouse In My Garage, Is My House Infested?

Not necessarily. You may have just a single mouse in the house. The only way to really know is to have a professional inspect for signs of infestation or to purchase glue traps and monitor the activity yourself. Many times a single mouse will enter a home for food or shelter if the door is…

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What Can I Expect On An Exterior Pest Control Visit During The Winter?

During the winter, we concentrate on using residual dusts, baits and granular materials to prepare the house for spring. By treating early in the season, we can prevent the pests that come alive at the first hint of spring. With winter being less severe than years past, many species are able to not only survive,…

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My House Is 10 Years Old, Should I Worry About Termites?

Most homes in our area will develop termite activity between the ages of eight and 15 years. While some may start early and others never have problems, most homes in this range will have termites at some point. You may start to see your neighbors having termite treatments done. While this will not send them…

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I Have Heard That If I Find Ants Around My Home, I Might Have A Termite Problem. Is That Correct?

No. There is no correlation between the two. While both favor similar habitats, such as mulch beds and woodpiles, they are mortal enemies of one another. Finding one does not mean that the other is soon to follow.

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Do I Need To Leave When You Service?

Only if you want to. We primarily use no- or low-odor materials in and around homes and businesses. If you would feel more comfortable leaving, let us know how we can best accommodate your needs.

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