Meet the springtail.
With their ability to hop around, springtails are often mistaken for fleas in people’s homes. They are also nicknamed the “sand flea” as they are often found in sand boxes and in mulch around homes and businesses.
Springtails, which primarily reside in the soil, live and die by the rain. If there is lots of rain, they are abundant & will, at times, even move indoors looking for a different place to live. Other times, when it’s quite dry, springtails may be more scarce, get desperate to find water & tend to  be move indoors. Once indoors, however, springtails can’t survive very long at all.
Springtails do not pose a threat to humans. They cannot bite and are unable to reproduce indoors with the lack of moisture. Heavy spring and summer rains can bring out springtails. Keep your eyes open for them. If they persist around your home, ask us about our exterior power spray service.

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