Pest Control In The Spring

If there is a perfect time for pests it is spring time in St. Louis. Rainy days combined with rising temperatures are a wakeup call for all types of pests. Those that were dormant through the winter are anxious to establish themselves and find a new home. Our job is to keep them from making your home theirs as well.

Pests such as ants which survive the winter on food storage, are desperate to feed their expanding colonies. This means that they will travel further, go higher, and take more chances to find food, especially in your home. Our treatment programs focus on the outside of the home to prevent these pests from entering in the first place. By treating around entry points like windows, doors and under siding, along with a wide barrier out into the yard, pests like ants don’t stand a chance.

Termites like ants are dormant for much of the winter, but once spring arrives they not only start to feed, they will send out winged reproductive scouts to start new colonies around your home. These winged reproductive termites are often the first sign that a home is infested with termites.

Other creatures besides insect pests look to spring as a perfect time for creating families. Nuisance wildlife will often have their young during the spring months, this means that they are looking for food as well as a safe place to raise their young. We are specialists in dealing with moles, voles, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks, all of which are persistent problems for St. Louis homes.

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