Nobody likes battling mosquitos. Did you know there are simple ways to prevent these pesky insects before summer hits full force? It’s never too early to protect your property with mosquito treatments.

Now is the perfect time for Mosquito Misting

Mosquito Treatments St. LouisWith less than a cup of water, mosquitoes can breed in your backyard. They begin hatching from eggs when temperatures consistently hit 50 degrees. In St. Louis, that is happening now.

You are a few simple steps away from being mosquito free!

The best defense is a combination of a few simple steps you can do on your own with a pest control treatment plan. Here are the steps we recommend you take to defend your home and ensure your property is mosquito free.

  • Repair or replace broken screens, screen doors, and seal other potential entry points
  • Inspect your gutters. Clear out debris to avoid clogs
  • Eliminate any other water source in your yard or near your home caused by shade
  • Trim back trees and other landscaping, allowing them and your home to dry in the sunshine

Call in the Professionals

For best results, consider partnering with expert pest control professionals. At Blue Chip pest control, we staff experienced technicians who know how to eliminate breeding sites and identify and rid your property of infestations.

With routine mosquito treatments, you will enjoy a noticeable difference in how many mosquitos you encounter. Not only will you be able to enjoy your outdoor deck or patio this season, you protect your friends and family from harmful mosquito-borne viruses.

Invest in mosquito service today

Want more information? Call Blue Chip pest control to inquire about how we have been helping homeowners in St. Louis and the surrounding area enjoy a safe, relaxing, and pest-free season!

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